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Fireman Sam won't be renamed 'Firefighter Sam', says creator

The creator of Fireman Sam says it's too late to change the name of the children's character to 'Firefighter Sam'.


David Jones was responding to London's Fire Commissioner who said the term 'fireman' was outdated and should stop being used.

Speaking to ITV News David Jones said while the world had changed, the name Fireman Sam had existed for 30 years making it impossible to change.

I guess if we were to do it again - yes we would call it 'Firefighter Sam'. But, I sold out my shares in 2002, so I think it would pretty much be impossible as that is the brand name to change it now - I can't see how they can change it.

I think it's just too late. 30 years is a long time. I know the products that are made carry the name Fireman Sam - so that would be quite difficult to do.

– David Jones, creator of Fireman Sam

Speaking yesterday to ITV News, London's fire chief Dany Cotton said referring to 'firemen' reinforces the stereotype that only men want to work in the fire service, adding:

I have actually written to the makers of 'Fireman Sam' and asked them on his 30th birthday to reconsider naming him 'Firefighter Sam' to join in on the inclusive nature.

I like the concept, I like the fact it's a cartoon that educates people and helps children learn about the dangers of fire.

But I really would like him to come on board and be called 'Firefighter Sam'.