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Southern drivers to vote on 28% pay deal

Drivers on Southern Railway are voting on whether to accept a proposed deal to end their long dispute over driver-only trains.

Ballot papers are being sent to members of Aslef, with a recommendation to accept. The drivers have rejected two previous attempts to reach an agreement.

The proposal is for a 28% pay rise and agreement that trains will have a second, safety-trained person on board, apart from "exceptional circumstances" - these have been reduced to three exceptions, to start on January 2:

  • Late notification of sickness, defined as less than two hours before booking on time
  • On board supervisor (OBS) displaced by service disruption, late-running trains or being left behind on a platform
  • OBS unable to continue duty having started work, for example through sickness, or having to leave the service to help a passenger or deal with an emergency

The ballot result will be announced on November 8. The RMT remains in dispute with Southern over the role of guards.