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London 'a hub for modern slavery' in the UK, says report

London is a hub for modern slavery in the UK, according to a new report.

Charity, Hestia, which works to combat modern day slavery, says there are currently enough victims to fill three Piccadilly line trains at any one time.

Figures also suggest the problem is growing, with Hestia already supporting more people in 2017 than it did in 2016.

  • 81% of victims of modern slavery in London are women, compared to national average of 51%
  • Two thirds of all victims were forced into prostitution, compared to almost half nationally
  • 81% of victims in London are female, compared to a national average 51%
  • 91% of victims presented mental health symptoms ranging from suicidal thoughts, PTSD, anxiety and depression
  • 54% of victims had thought about harming themselves

Modern Slavery is a cold, calculated and brutal business model in which people are deprived of liberty and then repeatedly raped, beaten and abused. It turns a profit on the back of other people's misery. It destroys the lives of its victims and is a shame to all of us in a modern society.

Last year, Hestia supported the majority of London victims, and this year we have already seen an increase of 30%. The only way to combat this issue is with support by the public. We need Londoners to help victims rebuild their lives. We need specialists, such as teachers and doctors. But we also need people who can spare a few hours to befriend an individual and support them to feel part of a community again.

– Patrick Ryan, CEO of Hestia