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Stalker who abseiled into woman's home, stabbed her, and left her for dead is jailed

A stalker who used a climbing kit to abseil into a woman's apartment before repeatedly stabbing her and leaving her for dead has been jailed.

Credit: Met Police

Fatmir Stafasani, 49, climbed in through a skylight, then lay in wait for the woman to return home before launching his "heinous and vicious" attack.

Fatmir Stafasani Credit: Met Police

Stafasani had set up a makeshift climbing rig on the roof of the block in Fulham, west London, before he abseiled into the victim's flat through a skylight.

He waited for just over an hour for the victim to return before bludgeoning her with a crowbar, stabbing her with a knife and leaving her for dead.

The victim managed to crawl to a neighbouring flat and raise the alarm before falling unconscious.

Fatmir Stafasani at the property Credit: Met Police

She suffered five skull fractures, a fractured hand and fingers, with lacerations to her hand and spent nine days in a coma in St Mary's Hospital, Paddington.

CCTV images showed Stafasani waiting in the hallway with a crowbar after he squeezed through the small window in the roof.

The victim was later discharged from hospital, but continues to suffer physical and emotional injury as a result of the attack. Police say nothing had been stolen from the house.

Stafasani leaving the scene Credit: Met Police

Stafasani was confirmed as the suspect as the victim recovered in hospital and his DNA was found at the scene. He was found guilty of attempted murder and aggravated burglary at Southwark Crown Court.

Throughout his trial he remained silent, even as he was jailed for a total of 18 years for attempted murder and 11 years in prison for aggravated burglary.

This was a particularly heinous attack in the victim's own home, which involved careful and premeditated planning by Stafasani.

He abseiled into her flat and lay in wait before carrying out a vicious attack and leaving her for dead.

We do not know the motive behind this attack. Fatmir Stafasani has remained silent throughout, and even now has shown no emotion.

I'd like to pay tribute to Detective Constable Alex Rum who worked tirelessly on the case, to the medical staff at St Mary's Hospital who no doubt saved the victim's life and most of all to the victim herself who showed great courage throughout this investigation.

The investigation team and I hope she can continue to make the best possible recovery.

– Detective Inspector Damian Ash, senior investigating officer

The judge also issued Stafasani, of Bermondsey, south east London, with an extended licence of four years as he was deemed a dangerous offender.