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Quiet zones could be axed on South Western Railway

A rail operator is considering scrapping quiet zones on board their trains - because they don't have enough conductors to ensure passengers stay quiet.

South Western Railway is carrying out a survey about the future of quiet carriages, where travellers are banned from using mobile phones, headphones and having loud conversations.

But 65 per cent of voters in a Twitter poll backed keeping the quiet coaches, calling them 'much needed havens', and suggesting signage was improved instead.

I appreciate your guards can't actively police them, but they could announce which carriages they are, but there's always someone shouting into their phone and you can gesture to them and point at the sign. It usually works.

– Paul Robson, passenger

If it is being enforced, they should stay. The problem is a good number of people don't care about anyone else except themselves and make calls, blast out music etc.

– Clive Strong, passenger