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Passenger talks of fire ordeal

A passenger who was on the Southeastern train which caught fire at Charing Cross this morning has spoken of his ordeal.

Vincenzo Minore, who is from west London and the CEO for cosmetics company Soap and Glory, was on board with his wife, two children and in-laws, when the fire broke out.

I was sitting on the train with my family when there was a blast and a lot of light. You could see the fire - it was not like a normal fire, it was pushing out and consistently burning.

We walked away from the fire but it was in the wrong direction. The security services arrived quickly and escorted us out. We had to walk right past the fire which was quite worrying.

– Vincenzo Minore


Passenger at Charing Cross describes 'huge noise'

A passenger has described how he arrived on platform four this morning to hear 'a huge noise' from platform six.

Neil Hurle, who took the photo below, went on to say how he was marshalled onto the concourse, before being evacuated and that it appeared the fire was coming from the tracks.

The train fire broke out on a train at Charing Cross this morning. Credit: Twitter: Neil Hurle

Shocking footage of Charing Cross train fire

Dramatic footage taken by a passenger shows a fire breaking out on a Southeastern train.

Vincenzo Minore, the CEO of cosmetics company Soap and Glory, was on board the train when the fire broke out. He tweeted that he was 'ready to go when blasted'.

The station was evacuated and 100 people led to safety. There were no injuries and the cause is being investigated.

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This mobile footage was taken by Vincenzo Minore after a fire broke out on a South Western train at Charing Cross station this morning.

Charing Cross evacuated after train fire

Charing Cross station has been evacuated after a fire on a Southeastern train.

Firefighters arrived at the scene within the last hour and around a hundred people were led from the building.

The first carriage of the train was damaged but there were no injuries.

The cause of the fire is being investigated and London Fire Brigade says the incident has now been dealt with.


Is Paddington's PG cert fair? ITV London presenter Faye Barker gives her view

The Paddington movie has its world premiere today. Credit: StudioCanal

There have been some discontented mutterings over the PG rating given to the new Paddington movie, so I was a little wary going to see a preview screening with my 4 year old daughter, and I half expected to have to make a swift exit if things got unsuitable for young eyes and ears.

This in itself seems odd, as it's Paddington Bear. A bear with a hard stare (when required) who has been entertaining children for almost 60 years.

The bear himself greeted and hugged children and adults alike in the foyer ahead of the screening and organisers had provided lots of activities including face painting and hat making, as well as oodles of free sweeties. All very child friendly.

The film, which has been several years in the making, is a charming adventure from deepest Peru to London as the young bear leaves his Peruvian forest home to find a new one in the city. As those of us familiar with Michael Bond's loveable character know, he finds a home with the Brown family.

Hugh Bonneville plays a grumpy, risk averse Mr Brown and Sally Hawkins is his charming, caring, free-spirited wife. Nicole Kidman plays the villain - a sharp, cold taxidermist who would like to add Paddington to her stuffed animal collection. Yes, my four year old (almost five) was scared of her. Her friend of the same age, however, was not.

There were also sections of the film where both girls squeezed onto my lap as Paddington's fate looked less than cuddly, but my over-confident reassurance that all would be alright in the end (I hoped!) saved us from having to stumble out of the cinema in the dark.

Nicole Kidman plays the film's baddie. Credit: StudioCanal

The film also had plenty of moments that had both adults and children giggling into their marmalade sandwiches, and the inevitable scene or two that left me dewey-eyed.

So back to that PG rating. There were children younger than my daughter who survived the film in full. I only spotted one parent leaving with two youngsters.

A PG rating suggests that it is not entirely suitable for children under 8, and, to be fair, that is not a bad call. If I'm being honest, I'm sure most 6 or 7 year olds will be fine. And plenty of 4 and 5 year olds will enjoy this loveable bear's adventures. But some may be scared.

The "sexual innuendo" which has contributed to the PG rating would go over most children's heads - Mr Brown dressed as a cleaning lady who catches the eye of a security guard. There is "mild bad language" which refers to a muttered "bloody". There is also "mild threat", referring to some of Paddington's misadventures, and not surprisingly, my young daughter was far from comfortable with seeing Nicole Kidman with a stun gun.

Of course, every parent knows their child better than the British Board of Film Classification, so it is for each parent to decide.

The film has it's premiere this Sunday afternoon (23rd November) in Leicester Square, London and is released in the UK on 28th November.

Hamilton gets ready for F1 title showdown

Lewis Hamilton only need second place to take the title Credit: PA

Lewis Hamilton is preparing for a Formula 1 title showdown with longtime rival and Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, in Abu Dhabi this afternoon.

Although Rosberg is currently in pole position, Hamilton will only have to come second to secure the title.

The 29-year-old, who is originally from Stevenage in Hertfordshire, is currently 17 points clear of the German and could be set to win his second drivers' title.

Paddington premiere in Leicester Square

Hugh Bonneville is one of the stars of the new Paddington film Credit:

New film Paddington will have its world premiere in the capital this afternoon, after it was controversially given a PG rating for sexual references and dangerous behavior.

Stars will be at the Odeon Leicester Square for the first showing of the movie, which follows the comic misadventures of Paddington, who travels to London in search of a home.

Ben Whishaw voices the Peruvian bear in the live-action film, which also stars Hugh Bonneville, Peter Capaldi, Julie Walters and Nicole Kidman.

ITV London will be at the premiere. Don't miss Helen Plint's report at 6.30pm on ITV1.

Appeal for missing teenager

Police would like to hear from anyone who's seen Samantha Hopkins Credit: Met Police

Police are appealing for help to find a missing 15-year-old from south-west London.

Samantha Hopkins was last seen when she left her home in Morden yesterday afternoon.

When last seen she was wearing a grey parka type jacked that has a fur-lined hood with jeans. She was carrying a small black handbag.

She last spoke with her parents early yesterday evening telling them that she was in Sutton.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Merton Police by dialing 101.

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