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Homeless man repeatedly stabbed while sleeping on a mattress

A homeless man has been stabbed repeatedly while sleeping on a mattress near a secluded area of grassland in Kent.

The 40-year-old victim was attacked in an area of King's Bastion in Gillingham, often used as a cut through.

He was found by a member of the public just after 8pm last night.

The victim of this crime is homeless and has been sleeping on a mattress, he will likely be known to local people who use the area as a cut through.

The stabbing would have occurred in daylight. The victim was found staggering along the Great Lines by a witness who raised the alarm and called an ambulance.

We are keen to hear from witnesses who may have seen two people, possibly males, in the area at around the time of the incident.

– Detective Chief Inspector Jon Clayden, Kent Police
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