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Londoners 'should be trusted' with tax-raising powers

If the citizens of New York, Frankfurt and Tokyo can be trusted with tax-raising powers, why not the people of London, Greater Manchester or the North East?

Local areas know best how to stimulate their economies. With a wider range of revenue streams at their disposal, they would be able to invest in infrastructure and projects that mattered locally - without having to rely on or wait for handouts from central government.

– Clive Betts, Chair of the Communities and Local Government Committee

Boris wins backing for more London tax-raising powers

London mayor Boris Johnson has won the backing of an influential group of MPs in his bid for more tax-raising powers.

Credit: PA

The Communities and Local Government Committee is believes cities like London and Manchester should have similar powers to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. The committee wants ministers to hand over property taxes like stamp duty.


Glass doorknob starts house fire as sun's rays set fire to dressing gown

A crystal doorknob started a devastating house fire in south London yesterday morning. London Fire Brigade says the sun’s rays refracted light from the knob onto a dressing gown which then caught fire.


Knob starts house fire! Yes, that's right, a glass doorknob refracted the suns rays & caused damage to a Clapham home


Charlie Pugsley from the Brigade’s fire investigation unit said:

“Crystal and glass ornaments and items such as shaving mirrors should be kept out of direct sunlight. The homeowners are lucky they had a working smoke alarm which alerted some local builders who quickly called the Brigade. Part of the bedroom was damaged but it could have been much worse.“


Read about the extraordinary fire caused by a crystal door knob. Thankfully no one was injured


Earlier this year a crystal ball set light to curtains at a property in Romford.


Debate to begin over the future of London taxi services

The following guests will discuss London's taxi and private hire services later today:

  • Matthew Daus, US guest & President, International Association of Transportation Regulators
  • John Stewart, Chair of Policy Committee, London Travelwatch
  • Seema Chandwani, Policy and Services Manager, Suzy Lamplugh Trust
  • Faryal Velmi, Director, Transport for All
  • John Dickie, Director of Strategy & Policy, London First

Businesses 'clear preferences' for Heathrow solutions

Government and the Airports Commission will note London businesses have clear preferences for Heathrow-focused solutions to the airport capacity issue.

While it is important that the role of the UK's hub airport is recognised, London Chamber believes that practical future proofing of the UK economy should see new runways built at both Heathrow and Gatwick, in a staggered approach.

– Colin Stanbridge, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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