View from the balcony

Ice bucket challenge fail

Two men from south London faced an embarrassing rescue from their balcony after getting locked out doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Dynamo levitation stunt falls flat

Dynamo has caused a storm on Twitter, after his 'levitation' stunt on top of the Shard was debunked in photos showing the wires.

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We nearly switched off his life-support, now our son is starting school

Five years ago Richard and Kelly Grahame made one of the toughest decisions any parent could have to make and agreed to turn off their son's life support machine. Doctors at Great Ormond Street told them their four-week-old baby Harrison wouldn't survive treatment for group B streptococcus and meningitis. But on the day they were due to say goodbye - Harrison fought back. He made a full recovery and - five years on - is about to start school.

Dynamo: wires were just for 'health and safety'

Illusionist Dynamo has defended his levitation stunt at the Shard, after photos emerged clearly showing wires holding him up.

He told The Sun newspaper: “That was a rehearsal and we used those wires for health and safety,” he told The Sun. “It's a shame a picture went out, but that's the world we live in." He added: “The stunt we filmed for the show will give people something to think about when they see the full effect.”


SHARD / DYNAMO update: Er, not much of a levitation illusion if you can see the wires.



Football fans mock Wenger as he travels to Rome on transfer deadline day

Gunners fans are getting anxious on Twitter, as a photo taken at Heathrow Airport appears to show manager Arsene Wenger travelling to Rome to referee a charity football match on transfer deadline day.


Arsène Wenger pictured at Heathrow airport on his way to referee a charity match in Italy. (Source: @football__tweet)


Londoners' breakfast habits revealed

A full fry up for breakfast

The average Londoner spends less than six minutes eating their breakfast each morning. Busy city lives and hectic work schedules have been blamed on an increasingly blasé attitude towards breakfast with 32% often forgetting to eat breakfast on an average of four days a week. The research by Oatly also found nearly half would rather have longer in bed than spend time eating in the morning.


Top cop takes up the ice bucket charity challenge

Chief Constable for Surrey Police Lynne Owens let herself in for a soaking when she accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge from Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Pippa Mills.

Staff and officers came out to support Chief Constable Owens and the event raised more than £300 which was split between ALS and the Chief Constable's nominated charity The Children's Trust for children with brain injury.

In turn, she nominated the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, Jeff Harris, Sussex Police Chief Constable Giles York, Head of Crime Scene Investigation, Maria O'Brien and Runnymede Neighbourhood Inspector Roger Neild.

Car left hanging from flats after midnight crash

A man's been arrested after hitting the front of a building in Barnet. The Ford Focus veered off the road and smashed through the front of the detached house in Capel Road, on a T-junction with Cranbrook Road.


The house in Capel Road this morning, thank goodness he went into hallway & nobody was hurt!


No-one was hurt in the crash, which happened late last night, though some residents were trapped in their flats until this morning.


@itvlondon young driver takes out front of house in East Barnet last night then resisted arrest.


A 30-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, drink driving, possession of cannabis, committing grievous bodily harm and assaulting a police officer.

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