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Is a 300 metre waterslide making its way to London?

With summer on the way, perhaps time to start thinking about the best way to keep cool Here's one idea. Not for the faint-hearted, a giant waterslide similar to this could be coming to London.

The 300 metre slide has won the backing of thousands of thrillseekers on Facebook. So, could it be coming to a park near you? You can find out more about the event and how to give it your backing on their Facebook page.


'Why are you such a weirdo', Boris Johnson?

It's safe to say Boris Johnson gets every kind of question thrown at him during #askboris on Twitter. Including this one. Blunt, straight to the point and swiftly answered.


Is this the world's most pointless traffic light?

It's difficult controlling the traffic in London at the best of times. But is this perhaps taking things a step too far? A temporary light has appeared in the grounds of the Houses of Parliament. Why? No one seems to know. There's no traffic in New Palace Yard. Just a solitary traffic light.

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