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Canal volunteers unearth WWII grenade

Volunteers cleaning up a canal were shocked to find an unexploded grenade from the Second World War. Today's event was the first of five planned over the next month to clear rubbish from the bed of the Regent's Canal in east London. The grenade was discovered at Salmon Lock in Mile End, the Canal & River Trust said.

Debbie Vidler, volunteer co-ordinator with the trust, said:

"It was a bit of a shock for the volunteer who came across it but we acted quickly to alert the emergency services and police arrived within minutes to make the area safe. We're now looking forward to what else we may find with the next planned clean-ups at the site."

– Debbie Vidler, volunteer co-ordinator

The annual cost to the charity of cleaning up litter from the waterways last year was just under £900,000, with spending in London the highest at more than £500,000.

Smile London, you're on camera at the International Space Station

Temperatures may have taken a bit of a knock from the dizzy record heights seen on Halloween, but London's still been enjoying the sunshine. Here's a rare look at the capital from the International Space Station. The picture was taken at lunchtime by astronaut Reid Wiseman, and there's barely a cloud in the sky. Can you guess which London boroughs are in the photo? Tell us on our Facebook page.

Credit: Twitter/Reid Wiseman


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