View from the balcony

Ice bucket challenge fail

Two men from south London faced an embarrassing rescue from their balcony after getting locked out doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Dynamo levitation stunt falls flat

Dynamo has caused a storm on Twitter, after his 'levitation' stunt on top of the Shard was debunked in photos showing the wires.

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YouTube stars take to the stage

A YouTube page
8,000 people are expected at the event Credit: PA

8,000 people are getting together to meet their online video idols.

The UK's biggest YouTube festival, Summer in the City, is being held at Alexandra Palace.

The event was set up by vloggers and allows those YouTube stars - many of whom are hugely popular - the opportunity to perform in a live setting, often in front of the biggest audience of their lives. The fans can watch their favourite musicians, comedians, video bloggers and filmmakers on the main stage, but also meet them face to face to get a selfie or an autograph.

Summer in the City is an annual event that brings YouTube stars from across the world together with content creators, fans and industry personnel for the UK's largest celebration of all things YouTube. The weekend features live performances, talks and many opportunities for fans and content creators to connect with each other and meet their favourite YouTubers.

– Tom Burns, Summer in the City founder


Someone at Tufnell Park tube really likes Doctor Who

Fans of Doctor Who will no doubt be counting down the days until the new series begins. And it seems few people are more excited than a keen fan, and Transport for London worker, at Tufnell Park tube station. As the sign suggests - the Doctor returns on August 23.

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