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Spiderman spotted living in a North London house

Fans of the comic book hero Spiderman will know that he is a born-and-bred New Yorker who grew up with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May in the borough of Queens. But it now appears the famous webcrawler has crossed the Atlantic and moved into a house in the Manor House area of North London. And what's more he's looking for a new house-mate.

Spiderman relaxing in a bedroom. Credit:

Photos of the superhero, who's normally seen crawling up the skyscrapers of Manhattan, have turned up on the property website Spareroom. The house is advertised as being just a few minutes walk from Manor House station though presumably Spiderman can make his way above the rooftops quicker than that.

Spidey does some cooking in the kitchen. Credit:

The ad says that the house is currently occupied by two 'dapper gentlemen' who are looking for another person to move in. Though Spiderman's arch-enemy the Green Goblin need not apply.

The webcrawler using the bathroom. Credit:
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