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Horse appears to get on a double decker bus

Londoners couldn't quite believe their eyes after spotting a horse appearing to get on a double decker bus.

Credit: Twitter/Simon Crowcroft

Simon Crowcroft, the elected mayor of St Helier in Jersey, was visiting friends in Islington when he saw the horse peering inside the London bus.

The animal turned out to be part of the capital's mounted police force responding to a medical emergency.

PC Dan Smith and his horse Invictor arrived at the scene in Upper Street after reports a passenger had collapsed.


Did you spot the donkey in this topical teaser?

Did you spot the donkey in this topical teaser was created by London-based charity, SPANA?

Each features the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men, an angel, a bull, a pig, a sheep and a lamb.

But only ONE includes the donkey which carried the family to the stable where Jesus was born.

Here's the answer (donkey circled in red).

Did you sport it? Donkey circled in red


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