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Why doing DIY could mean a trip to the library

If you're thinking of doing some DIY, the library's the last place you'd think of going, until now.

A councillor in Hackney wants libraries to lend out all sorts of electrical equipment, including power tools, to help Londoners cut waste and the cost of living. Speaking to Hackney Citizen, Councillor Jon Burke said:

Essentially I want to pilot a physical lending library through which people will be able to come and borrow items they would otherwise have to buy.

The main purpose of this is to reduce upstream waste, but it would also have an impact for the people who are at the margins.

If they need a drill, for example, they wouldn’t need to have to go out and purchase one.

– Councillor Jon Burke

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Crystal Palace fans demand the return of their matchday announcer

Crystal Palace fans are really missing their matchday announcer. At the start of the Premier League season Mike Rankine was suddenly removed from the position.

But fans aren't happy and say his replacements have "fallen way short of the standards Mike set during his time in the role".

Many supporters commenting that the overall matchday experience has worsened significantly over the past five months in his absence.

I have spoken with Mike and he has made it clear that he would consider returning to the role should the opportunity ever arise. He is a devout, knowledgeable Palace fan who took immense pride in his role as the 'Sound of Selhurst' since 2009.

– Fans of Crystal Palace Football Club

'Fans of Crystal Palace Football Club' are spreading a word by getting as many people as possible to sign a petition. Miss Mike? Sign here.

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