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London's £14.8bn Crossrail scheme could be extended

by Simon Harris: Political Correspondent

The government is considering a major extension to Crossrail to cut journey times for commuters from Hertfordshire.

Crossrail worker Sam Agyeman, inspects the first completed section of Crossrail tunnel
Crossrail worker Sam Agyeman, inspects the first completed section of Crossrail tunnel Credit: PA

Trains from Tring, Hemel Hempstead and Watford would be diverted on to the new £15bn high speed commuter line due to open in 2019.

Decision to close HSBC account 'not taken lightly'

We do not discuss relationships we may or may not have with a customer, nor confirm whether an individual or business is, or has been a customer.

In general terms, decisions to end a customer relationship are not taken lightly, but are absolutely not based on the race or religion of a customer.

Discrimination against customers on grounds of race or religion is immoral, unacceptable and illegal, and HSBC has comprehensive rules and policies in place to ensure race or religion are never factors in the decisions we make.

– HSBC statement


Finsbury Park mosque condemns 'disgraceful' actions of HSBC

It is shocking, unbelievable. To send us a letter without any notice. We don't understand why they have taken this action and we are not going to be quiet. It is disgraceful. As a community organisation we are doing a good job between the communities. We have worked hard since we took over from Abu Hamza. We have changed the mosque from an atmosphere of hostility to a cohesive atmosphere. The most is open to everybody. We don't receive money from abroad, we don't send any money abroad. Our reputation and credibility is on the line now.

– Mohammed Kozbar, Mosque chairman

Union meets to fight Tube cuts plans

Transport union the RMT is gathering its members together in central London as part of its campaign to halt cuts to Tube services.

The plans outlined by Mayor Boris Johnson include cutting the number of station staff, closing ticket offices, and introducing driverless trains.

The RMT says the austerity measures will not only mean job losses, but impact on safety and services.

The event aims to inform trade union members as well as the public about the issues and to discuss the next campaigning steps.

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