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Millionaire London developer donates profits to charity

A developer in London is causing a stir in the property market with an unusual business plan - she builds properties, sells them, and gives all the profits away.

Charlotte Grobien has already raised a million pounds, and has a target of a half a million more by Christmas.

Ruth Zorko went to meet her and representatives of two of her chosen charities, Whizz-Kidz and The Eikon Charity.

London to hold its first connectivity summit

London will hold its first ever 'connectivity summit' today- in a bid to make the capital the best connected city in Europe. London's Mayor Boris Johnson will meet with the city's biggest internet providers to discuss how to improve super-fast broadband. He also wants to eliminate 'not'spots' in London, where internet speeds run ten times slower than average.

London summit to improve capital's connectivity Credit: PA


Contactless payments go live today

From today, if you're travelling by Tube, train or tram in London you'll be able to use your bank card rather than having to top up your Oyster card. Transport for London say network-wide contactless payments- which have been operating on London buses since 2012- will reduce the time it takes for people to use the city's transport.

Underground contactless payments go live Credit: PA

Contactless payments work in the same way as Oyster cards, which are still valid. The new payment option, which is part of a range of improvements TfL is making for customers, means that there will no longer be any need to spend time topping up Oyster balances because fares are charged directly to payment card accounts.

'Super sewer' impact on water bills to be minimised

If the tunnel had been in operation last year, it would have captured 97% of the sewage that poured in to London’s river. Hardly a week goes by when untreated sewage is pouring in to London’s river and we are pleased that we can now start to tackle this archaic problem. This is a huge project but it’s a huge problem, and we can now get on with tackling it. It’s no easy task, but we’re confident that we can deliver this project and still achieve our aim of minimising the impact on our customer bills.

– Andy Mitchell, chief executive of Thames Tideway Tunnel

Water bills to rise after 'super sewer' approval

Thames Water has been given the go-ahead to start building London’s ‘super sewer’ which will tackle the sewage pollution in to the tidal River Thames.

Water bills will rise £70-80 Credit: PA

The 25km tunnel will run underground from Acton in West London, and travel roughly the line underneath the river to Abbey Mills Pumping Station in East London, where it will connect to the Lee Tunnel. Its construction means water bills will rise £70-80 by the mid 2020s.

Crossrail 2 to be delivered 'as quickly and effectively as possible'

I am very pleased and excited to be taking on these new responsibilities for the progression of Crossrail 2.

As a board member of Crossrail 1, I am familiar with the immense benefit such schemes have for London and the wider south east and I look forward to ensuring its successor will be delivered as quickly and effectively as possible.

London is growing at a phenomenal rate – 20 per cent over the next 15 years – and it is only through major infrastructure projects such as Crossrail 1, Crossrail 2 and a new hub airport that the challenges and opportunities of that growth can be fully met.

– Daniel Moylan


Boris appoints airport supremo to lead case for Crossrail 2

A week after plans for 'Boris Island' airport were sunk, the mayor has appointed his airports supremo Daniel Moylan to lead the case for Crossrail 2.

Daniel Moylan Credit: PA

If London and its economy are to keep moving then it's essential that we crack on and get Crossrail 2 delivered.

It's a vital project not just for the capital, but also for the regions from which hordes of commuters struggle into work on packed carriages each day.

Daniel is astute and tenacious. His experience representing TfL on the Board of Crossrail 1, his oversight of Transport for London’s massive investment plan and his work on framing aviation policy in the capital make him ideally suited to driving the work around this crucial scheme.

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Your views: Would London be better off as its own country?

Get involved in the debate by tweeting us @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page.

Louise Emerson Gosh at this rate we'll end up needing a passport to go anywhere in the UK.

Wendy Woo Hutchings We need to stop being dictated to by the EU & have the GREAT put back into Britain. No-one seems to be wanting to accept the responsibilities of running this country how it needs to be.

Christine Clark How ridiculous. It's almost a foreign country as it is.

London could be 'unrecognisable by 2030'

The survey was commissioned by the tourist attraction The View from The Shard to try create an impression of London in 2030. The full results also reveal:

  • 29% of people in the UK think that London will be unrecognisable by 2030
  • People’s love for green living was reflected in the results with 80% of people in the UK wanting more green space and over 60% wanting more bikes on the roads than cars
  • Joanna Lumley and Thomas Hetherwick’s plans for creating a Garden Bridge proved popular with more over half wanting it available by 2030
  • Half of people think that WiFi in London will be completely free and people will be constantly logged on
  • Nearly half think that we will live in a cashless society
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