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New campaign cracks down on smoking related litter

The City of London Corporation, along with Keep Britain Tidy, are launching a new hardline campaign to crack down on smoking related litter. 6 million cigarette butts are dropped on the City's streets every year- costing millions of pounds to clean up.

Crackdown on smoking related litter Credit: PA

The new campaign reinforces the message about the scale of the problem- and also the fact that it's against the law. Anyone caught dropping butts will receive an £80 fine- and can even be taken to court and receive a criminal record.

Video of life-saving fire door in a blaze released to warn homeowners

London Fire Brigade have released this video showing how well fire doors can protect people in a life-threatening blaze, in order to warn homeowners not to remove them as part of home improvements.

They are concerned that Londoners living in purpose built blocks or houses converted into flats could be replacing fire doors at the entrance to their properties with doors that don't meet the required safety standards.


London Fire Brigade warning over fire door removal

Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Archive/Press Association Images

London homeowners who remove or modify fire doors when renovating their property could be putting their lives at risk, London Fire Brigade warns.

In the last three years in London three people have died and 36 people have been injured in fires where fire doors have been replaced, left open or incorrectly fitted.

Fire safety doors - including the door frame, seals, letter box and any glazing - are specially designed to withstand fire for up to 30 minutes and are a legal requirement for flats which open onto communal areas shared with other tenants.

Flood victim pays £70,000 to raise house

The view from the house during floods in February Credit: Yaron Ivry

A man's spent tens of thousands of pounds raising his house 1.5 metres after it was flooded when the Thames burst its banks at Wraysbury. The Ivry family home was filled with water for almost two months from December 2013 to February 2014.

Flood water fells a tree in the Ivry's garden Credit: Yaron Ivry

"We lived in a continuous anxiety with no time for work nor normal family life. Once flooded, we had to leave our home and since then live in a serviced apartment in Wraysbury Hall. We are determined not to have this experience ever again."

– Yaron Ivry
The house Yaron Ivry hasn't lived in since February Credit: Yaron Ivry

Structural engineers were brought in to work out how to lift the 50-tonne house with 30 hydraulic jacks, all synchronised by a computerised system. The project is finally finished, with the family planning to move back in sometime this month.

The Ivry's dog is carried to safety from the flood Credit: Yaron Ivry

Residents leave their homes after water main bursts

A street in Croydon has been closed by police after a burst water main flooded the area, causing 30 homes to be evacuated. Thames Water said residents reported water gushing down Long Lane at 6am this morning. Firefighters are using tankers to pump out the water.


Senior MP questions Mayor over 'Uber' taxi app

A senior MP has accused the firm behind popular cab-hailing smartphone app 'Uber' of unfairly undercutting London taxi drivers by "opting out of the UK tax regime".

Black cab and licensed taxi drivers protested over the app in June. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Margaret Hodge, the chairwoman of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, wrote to London Mayor Boris Johnson demanding to know why Transport for London allowed cars to take bookings through the app without a licence to operate in the capital.

Because the Uber app is operated via a company in the Netherlands called Uber BV, which makes the booking, takes the payment and issues the receipt, corporation tax is payable in Holland, rather than the UK, she said.