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More than 1,500 striking teachers march in London

More than 1,500 striking teachers marched in central London today in protest at Government changes to the education system. Demonstrators from the National Union of Teachers held banners reading "Gove Out" and wore T-shirts with the slogan "Stand Up for Education".

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Morag Carmichael retired from full-time teaching four years ago but joined today's demonstration:

"We're here because we don't like what the Government is doing. The profession has got worse in a number of ways over my 24 years. The paperwork, workload, and hours are all issues now."

Credit: PA Wire

Your views: Striking should be against the law

Get involved in the debate about whether you think teachers are right to go on strike over pensions and pay. Tweet us @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page

Toni Mfc Holmes Everyone suffers when teachers strike, children don't learn, the parents have to take a day off affecting their employers and business. They don't do anyone any favours striking. Striking should be against the law.

Helen Ellis So it's ok for them to strike and have teachers training day the day after the strike but dare a parent request a child have a day off then the parents are given a fine.



Your views: Are teachers right to walk out on strike?

Pupils across London are facing disruption to lessons today as teachers strike over pensions and pay. Do you back their action? Have you had to take the day off to look after your children? Tweet us @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page.

Claire Earney Up the game. One day here and there won't help, you need two/three days in a row. Perhaps Gove will listen!


@itvlondon i think they should open the school on a saturday and disrupt the teachers on a day off. See how they like it.


Educating Essex head: Strike 'is like a snow day'

There are "no winners" in the teachers' strike with schools running as if it was "a snow day", head teacher Vic Goddard told Daybreak.

Mr Goddard, the principal on Channel 4's hit documentary series "Educating Essex" described his love for teaching but admitted there was no pleasing everyone with today's strike.

"I am sure I haven't pleased the union today by not having a partial closure. Heads have to make that decision - can I keep all children safe in my school?"

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