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Exam was halted and correct paper given out

During an examination being taken by 30 first-year Electrical and Electronic Engineering students, the first page of the answer scheme was included alongside the question paper due to a printing error.

The Department became aware of the situation within five minutes of the exam beginning. The exam was halted and the papers were removed from the students.

The Department reviewed the situation carefully and concluded that students would not have been able to use the information to any advantage during the short time they had access to part of the answer scheme.

The exam questions required students to demonstrate the application of an algorithm to a given data set setting out detailed reasoning in their solutions. The required algorithms were not revealed in the answer scheme.

Once this was established, the exam recommenced with the correct version of the question paper.

– Imperial College London statement

Students started laughing when they realised error

One of the students, speaking to newspaper The Tab, said:

"I raised my hand briefly, hoping to inform the invigilators of the error, but quickly retracted it after realising I might be the only one with the mark scheme."

On looking around, I heard one of my peers sniggering at the front of the exam hall, and then seconds later the whole hall was in stitches as our examiners looked on blankly. Surely the best start to any of my exams."

A red-faced convenor decided to remove the mark schemes from the test and give it back to students, hoping that they would not be able to remember most of the answers.

Printing error attached answers to test papers

Imperial College, London. Credit: Philip Toscano/PA Wire

Students at a top university burst out laughing in the middle of an exam when they realised the answers were stapled to their test papers.

The first year exam turned into a shambles after a printing error resulted in the paper's mark scheme being attached to the back of the questions booklet.

It gave first year students the answers to the complicated test for 40 Electrical and Information Engineering pupils at Imperial College, London.


Mayor launches 16-18 volunteering scheme

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. Credit: Philip Toscano/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Boris Johnson is launching a new volunteering initiative aimed at getting young people into work. The programme, called Headstart London, will work with 16 to 18 year olds, offering them volunteering opportunities.

The aim is to boost their skills in communication, team work, organisation and self-discipline, and help them find jobs.

Polls open for Council Elections, Mayoral Elections and European Elections

Voters are heading for the polls in London Credit: ITV News

Polls are open for London voters in the European and local elections.

It's expected the capital will be England's biggest battlefield with all seats in London boroughs up for grabs.

Polling stations are open throughout the day with most councils declaring through tomorrow.

Counting of the European Parliament votes starts on Sunday.

The result won't be announced until after 10pm when all the polls will have closed across the EU.

See London's Political Correspondent Simon Harris' guide to the London elections in here.

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