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Holocaust survivors' patchwork of memories

Holocaust survivors' memories are immortalised in a series of patchwork quilts Credit: The Jewish Museum

Many children who survived concentration camps in Nazi Germany were brought to London.

They have come together to create memory quilts with their families and with each other as a testimony of their experience of starting a new life in the capital after the war.

To mark 70 years since their liberation, The Jewish Museum is displaying the memory quilts.

Joanna Milan arrived on 15th August 1945. She says:

"The square represents myself as a young girl alone arriving in a strange country. The bluebells remind me of the first spring in England where there were carpets of bluebells. It was such an amazing sight and the smell was overwhelming - it was the start of a new life."

– Joanna Milan
The Jewish Museum is displaying the quilts to mark 70 years since the survivors' liberation Credit: The Jewish Museum

There are a series of four quilts, which are on display for free.


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Labour: Grammar schools will not benefit poorer pupils

Labour have condemned the opening of a new grammar school in Kent, saying it will not benefit poorer pupils.

Lucy Powell said grammar schools only benefited the middle classes Credit: PA Wire

Shadow education secretary Lucy Powell dismissed the idea that the new 450-pupil school in Sevenoaks was an annexe to an existing school and said it would pave the way for many other remaining grammars to follow suit.

She also rejected the idea the grammar schools opened up opportunities for pupils from poorer backgrounds, saying they were dominated by the children of middle class families who could afford to pay to tutor them through the 11 plus.

"Long gone are the days of the 50s and 60s when a few bright children from working class backgrounds were given an opportunity," she said.

"The grammar school selection process today is much more reflective of the means and the social capital to pass the 11 plus."

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