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PM planning to send daughter to a state school in London

David Cameron is planning to send his oldest daughter to a state school. Credit: PA

David Cameron has said he and his wife Samantha are looking to send their 10 year-old daughter Nancy to a state school in London next September. If so, it will be the first time that a Conservative Prime Minister has sent a child to a state secondary school - assuming his party is still in power after the next General Election.

Mr Cameron, who was educated at Eton, told Good Housekeeping magazine they had looked at three or four schools in London and Nancy would have a "very large say" in the decision.

Charity aims to make London a region of lifesavers

The British Heart Foundation is launching a new campaign to get more people trained in lifesaving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It's warning a lack of skills in the capital could cost lives and is urging schools, community griups and businesses to offer training,

British Heart Foundation launches new CPR campaign Credit: Tim Goode/EMPICS Entertainment

The report found that in London:

· 73% of people would not feel confident performing CPR on a family member or loved one6

· 48% would be deterred by the 'fear of causing more harm than good'

· 82% of people would not be confident performing CPR on a stranger

· 56% admit that most people in Britain would look for someone else to take the lead if they were to witness a medical emergency

BHF wants CPR to be mandatory part of school curriculum Credit: PA

The charity says that in countries where CPR is taught to all young people at school, survival rates are as high as 25%. If this was achieved in the UK it could save around 5,000 additional lives a year.

Simon Gillespie, BHF Chief Executive, said: "Too many lives are lost needlessly because people don't have the basic CPR skills to act in life-threatening situations.

"These figures show how crucial it is that people are taught CPR so they know how to respond if they witness someone suffering a cardiac arrest. The 'Call. Push. Rescue' message is simple to remember and by spreading this far and wide we're determined to radically improve the country's shocking survival rates.


London lagging behind with apprenticeships

A new report into London apprenticeships has found that the capital is lagging behind other regions in England- despite having a major problem with youth unemployment.

David Cameron with apprentices and staff at a Tesco store in London Credit: PA

The London Assembly Economy Committee- which compiled the report- is calling on the Mayor to do more to improve the situation- and meet his apprenticeship target of a quarter of a million by 2016.

The number of funded apprenticeships in 2012/13 stood at 77,110, the lowest regional total except for the North East.

Sectors such as construction, ICT, leisure, travel and tourism where London has particular strengths, are among the worst performing sectors in terms of the proportion of apprenticeships created.

National human trafficking conference in London today

The Metropolitan Police Service is holding its first national human trafficking conference in London today. Officers will be joined by leading anti-slavery and trafficking organisations- as well as Home Office and health professionals.

Met Police holds national human trafficking conference Credit: PA

It comes ahead of Anti-Slavery Day on Saturday and the aim is to share expertise in tackling trafficking and helping victims.

Specialist officers from the MPS Trafficking and Kidnap Unit will share their experience of tackling human trafficking and all kinds of modern slavery, and will encourage other police services to share their knowledge of cases they have dealt with.

Since a central MPS human trafficking team was first set up in April 2010, the Trafficking and Kidnap Unit has conducted 182 operations, made 422 arrests and assisted 734 victims. It features 70 police staff and officers, making it the largest police unit dedicated to tackling human trafficking and slavery in the UK.

New campaign launches in Kenya and the South Bank today

An international campaign to support the end of FGM opens on the South Bank and Nairobi, Kenya today. The Girl Generation: Together to End FGM is an African led movement to support the social and behavioral changes needed to stop violence against women and girls.

The campaign in the South Bank Center will gather together experts from human rights charities, the media, ambassador programmes and Government programmes to support the end of FGM

"My niece is the first girl in our family to be free from FGM. When you break the cycle of abuse once, you break it forever: Save a girl, save a generation. The solution to ending FGM is in empowering girls to be themselves. We are at a point where this is happening but we need to speed things up and get the financial resources to where they are needed."

– Nimco Ali, Girl Ambassador, The Girl Generation


The Met raises awareness of child abuse linked to religion

The Metropolitan Police Service have collaborated with the Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service to host an event tonight raising awareness of child abuse linked to faith or belief. The event at City Hall from 8pm will bring together representatives from education, social care, healthcare and faith organisations.

The Met have seen an increase in allegations relating to ritual child abuse which range from child neglect, common assault, ABH, administrating noxious substances to sexual assault offences. Some examples include dunking children to wash away evil spirits, parents removing children from school to take them out of the country for an exorcism ceremony and chilli peppers being rubbed in children's eyes to remove evil spirits.

"Abuse linked to belief is a horrific crime which is condemned by people of all cultures, communities and faiths....Families or carers genuinely believe that the victim has been completely taken over by the devil or an evil spirit, which is often supported by someone who within the community has portrayed themselves as an authority on faith and belief. Often in the perpetrators minds, any abuse is not going to affect the victim because he or she believes the child is effectively not there any more and the abuse is directed at whatever has possessed the child. The victim is often convinced that this is the truth and that the abuse is 'normal' behaviour.

"Regardless of the beliefs of the abusers, child abuse is child abuse. Our role is to safeguard children, not challenge beliefs. We investigate crimes against children, but our main aim is to prevent abuse in the first place. This is a hidden crime and we can only prevent it by working in partnership with the community. Project Violet aims to build trust with communities and emphasise that child protection is everyone's responsibility."

– Detective Superintendent Terry Sharpe, Met Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command

BookBenches to be seen all together for one final time

The BookBench celebrating Laura St John's The Laura Marlin Mysteries book series. Credit: Jack Graham/PA Wire.

The capital's colourful BookBenches are returning for one last trip to London this weekend - where they will be gathered together in one place.

The seats spent the summer dotted around the city to celebrate the area's literary connections and encourage more people to read for fun.

Today and tomorrow, all 51 will be gathered all together at the University of London's Gordon Square Garden for the final time before a charity auction on Tuesday.

The benches - which celebrate stories including The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Through the Looking Glass, and the Gruffalo - will raise money for the National Literacy Trust when they are sold at the event at the Southbank Centre.

The BookBench celebrating Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider's Stormbreaker books. Credit: Jack Graham/PA Wire.

Education Secretary approves 17 new free schools for London

17 new free schools have been approved for London. Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Wire.

The Education Secretary has approved plans for dozens of new free schools including 17 in London.

The schools include a bilingual primary in Harrow, a sixth formed aimed at students from low-income backgrounds, and an all-through school which plans to encourage children and their families to shape and improve their community.

Nicky Morgan made the announcement at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham.

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