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Labour: Grammar schools will not benefit poorer pupils

Labour have condemned the opening of a new grammar school in Kent, saying it will not benefit poorer pupils.

Lucy Powell said grammar schools only benefited the middle classes Credit: PA Wire

Shadow education secretary Lucy Powell dismissed the idea that the new 450-pupil school in Sevenoaks was an annexe to an existing school and said it would pave the way for many other remaining grammars to follow suit.

She also rejected the idea the grammar schools opened up opportunities for pupils from poorer backgrounds, saying they were dominated by the children of middle class families who could afford to pay to tutor them through the 11 plus.

"Long gone are the days of the 50s and 60s when a few bright children from working class backgrounds were given an opportunity," she said.

"The grammar school selection process today is much more reflective of the means and the social capital to pass the 11 plus."


University to review its communications strategy

Sir Tim Hunt resigned from UCL following his comments Credit: PA

University College London is to review its communications strategy after the resignation of Sir Tim Hunt.

The Honorary Professor resigned after criticism of a speech in which he said women were hopeless at science.

The university's governmening body says the media interest was unprecedented, and recognises the distress caused to Sir Tim.

Twin brother and sister score top marks

Twins Vicky and Thomas Vanderstichele are celebrating after achieving the remarkable feat of both scoring full marks in an International Baccalaureate diploma programme.

The brother and sister are sixth formers a King's College School in Wimbledon, south west London.

Vicky needed to score 41 points in the IB to win a place at Cambridge to study Classics, while Thomas needed 39 points to study biochemistry at Oxford, but both achieved perfect scores of 45 out of 45.

The pair recorded the school's best IB results since it adopted the educational programme in 2001.

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