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Corbyn: 'I won't put my family in front of cameras'

Jeremy Corbyn will not be forcing his family to appear alongside him on the General Election campaign, the Labour leader has revealed.

Speaking to ITV News, Mr Corbyn labelled it "wrong" to assume his wife and three sons should be "out there in front of the cameras".

The Islington North candidate made the revelation as it emerged Prime Minister Theresa May and husband Philip are set to appear together on The One Show on Tuesday evening - one of the latter's first broadcast interviews.

Asked if he would take a similar approach, Mr Corbyn said he was not willing to breach that "private space".

"They all have their lives and their identity to follow. I love them all, I respect them all and I respect their wishes to pursue their lives, their interests and their own responsibilities," he said.

"I think it's wrong to assume that your family have to be out there in front of the cameras along with you because I have chosen to put myself out there - I think it's an unfair burden to be placed on them."

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