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Turmoil of supermodel who attempted suicide

Victoire Dauxerre was a supermodel who walked at some of the biggest fashion shows in the world.

Victoire Dauxerre

She graced the catwalks in London, Milan and New York, but behind the glamour she faced personal turmoil. She was urged to lose weight and at 5 foot 10 was targeting an unhealthy 7 stone. She became ill, quit modelling and ended up attempting suicide.

They don't tell you you have to lose 22lbs in two months. What they say is you need to be this size to fit into the clothes, otherwise you don't get any work.

– Victoire Dauxerre

The UK's eating disorder charity, B-EAT has specially trained atff to help end the suffering caused by eating disorders. For more information click here.



Gym class claims to make you "lucky in love"

A gym session that's guaranteed to make you lucky in love? That's what London's latest fitness class - available from today at Gymbox gyms - claims to do.

Gymbox say that Pheromone Improvement Training (or P.I.T.) is specially designed so that participants release key pheromones which attract the opposite sex.

Credit: Britta Pedersen/DPA/PA Images

No such thing as a free lunch?

Today is your last chance to grab a free lunch from the Run For Your Bun cafe in Covent Garden.

The pop-up offers customers a free dish if they first take part in a six minute micro-workout.

The cafe is part of a campaign to encourage people to be more active during the working day.

Credit: David Lloyd Clubs
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