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Parents say they were 'mocked' by midwives

Last week we told you how a hospital had apologised to the mother of a baby who died in its care. Chelsea and Westminster said the death last year had brought 'significant changes' in its maternity services.

But tonight we report on a similar case two years earlier when the hospital made exactly the same promise. Ran Hunter died at just 12-days-old.

His parents say they were mocked by midwives when they raised their concerns before their son's birth.

Katie Oakes has their story:

Drivers outside of London produce most pollution

It has been revealed more than three quarters of car pollution in the South East is produced by drivers living outside of London.

An Oxford University study found that in 2012 the population of 12 million living in the South East but outside the capital produced 77% of the region's car emissions, compared with just 23% by the eight million people within London.

Researchers found that the average daily car mileage per person was 7.7 miles by Londoners, less than half the 15.6 miles driven by those neighbouring the capital.

Credit: PA
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