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Hospital aftercare for the homeless launches

A scheme to provide aftercare for homeless people after they have been discharged from hospital is launched today. St Mungo’s has been given £3.6 million of a £10 million boost from the Department of Health for the new scheme.

Homeless people are often discharged back onto the street after hospital treatment with a third getting help with their living situation. This fails to deal with underlying health issues. St Mungo's will now launch an aftercare network for homeless people.


Hackney and Tower Hamlets residents most at risk

London basks in the sun in July last year Credit: Jeff Moore/Empics Entertainment

Scientists from Imperial College London say that in the most vulnerable districts, in London and the southeast, the odds of dying from heart or lung causes increased by more than 10 per cent for every 1C rise in temperature.

Those most at risk areas include more deprived districts of London such as Hackney and Tower Hamlets, with the odds of dying more than doubling on very hot days.

New drug saves lives at Great Ormond Street Hospital

A new drug treatment has saved four patients at Great Ormond Street Hospital from having their pancreas removed. The patients, who all have a severe condition which produces excess insulin in the body, are doing well a year after starting the treatment.

Hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia is a condition where babies suffer with very low blood sugar levels due to an excess release of insulin from the pancreas. The severest forms can lead to brain damage and other problems if not properly managed.

GOSH is one of the two centres in the UK which care for children with the condition.


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