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Rental prices at an all-time high

Private sector rentals are at an all-time high. Credit: Reuters.

A major lettings network has released information showing that average private sector rent rates are at an all-time high.

Rents in the South East recorded a 3.4% year-on-year increase.

The average monthly rent in London now stands at nearly £1,200 after increasing by 3% year-on-year.


Your views: Is £10 a fair price to pay to watch London's New Year fireworks?

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Simon Shaw That is greed. Pure & simple.

Paula Ann Meenan They will be in the sky, so if you live there will you be banned from looking out your window?

Paul Freedman So will they have barriers round all the area where the fireworks are to stop people that haven't paid from getting in? And if they haven't paid will they be banned from looking upwards?

Tears Carpenter Not sure how this will work. Any body with any sense will just look up at the sky and watch it without paying £10 or find a good place to watch it for free unless the fire works are not going up in the sky anymore?

Mark Foster I'm pretty sure you will be able to see them spectacularly from The South Bank and Hungerford bridge... for free.

Automatic refunds for commuters caught out by 'card clash'

By Simon Harris: ITV London Correspondent

Transport for London says most cases of 'card clash' will be automatically refunded. Pre-launch monitoring of tube and train ticket barriers revealed 2,000 card clashes out of 10m daily Oyster 'taps'.

Millions of commuters will begin the switch to contactless payments today Credit: PA

'Card clash' happens when a an Oyster card and credit or debit card both get charged when a passenger swipes through the barrier.


Average price of London property passes £500,000

Property values in London have surged ahead of the rest of the country, recording a 19.1% year-on-year jump and taking the average property price in the capital to £514,000.

Homes up for sale in Lambeth Credit: PA

Nationally prices have reached a new record high of £272,000 on average after rising by 11.7% over the last year, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics.

'Super sewer' impact on water bills to be minimised

If the tunnel had been in operation last year, it would have captured 97% of the sewage that poured in to London’s river. Hardly a week goes by when untreated sewage is pouring in to London’s river and we are pleased that we can now start to tackle this archaic problem. This is a huge project but it’s a huge problem, and we can now get on with tackling it. It’s no easy task, but we’re confident that we can deliver this project and still achieve our aim of minimising the impact on our customer bills.

– Andy Mitchell, chief executive of Thames Tideway Tunnel

Water bills to rise after 'super sewer' approval

Thames Water has been given the go-ahead to start building London’s ‘super sewer’ which will tackle the sewage pollution in to the tidal River Thames.

Water bills will rise £70-80 Credit: PA

The 25km tunnel will run underground from Acton in West London, and travel roughly the line underneath the river to Abbey Mills Pumping Station in East London, where it will connect to the Lee Tunnel. Its construction means water bills will rise £70-80 by the mid 2020s.

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