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Homeless charity under pressure

The number of young people aged 16 to 24 becoming homeless in London has doubled in the last three years.

Depaul UK needs to double the number of hosting households by 2015.

The charity is calling on households across the UK who have a spare room to consider making it available to a young homeless person.

Use official site; there are tens of thousands of tickets left

There are tens of thousands of tickets left, says Mayor's office Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said:

“To help us stamp out touting and second selling we’d urge everyone to only purchase through the official site.

There are tens of thousands of tickets still available so there is absolutely no need to pay more. If you get a ticket and change your mind we have an easy refund policy with full refunds available up to 28 days before the event. All returned tickets will be re-sold.”


£10 tickets for sale for £500

Although City Hall are selling tickets to the annual New Year's Eve fireworks display for £10, resale online ticket websites are advertising them for sale for massively inflated prices.

One website, has 4 tickets for sale for £500 each. With a booking fee of £359.96 - their total asking price comes to £2,359.96. have tickets for sale for £500 each Credit: .

While Viagogo are asking a relatively mild £102.27 per ticket.

Tickets for sale for over £100 on Viagogo Credit: .

Hospitality industry to create 3,000 jobs for young workers

London's hospitality industry will today announce the creation of 3,000 new jobs aimed at 16 to 24-year-olds in a bid to help reduce youth employment.

The scheme will be launched at the Big Hospitality Conversation event at City Hall.

Representatives of brands including Premier Inn, Wagamama, Café Rouge and McDonald's will join Deputy Mayor for Business and Enterprise Kit Malthouse at the conference to make the announcement.

They will also discuss opportunities available to young people and offer on-the-spot jobs to people in the audience.


Road sweeper gets £4.5 million in surprise lottery win

A road sweeper who has been working on the streets of Camden for 14 years has won £4.5 million on the lottery - after buying a ticket just nine minutes before the draw closed.

Joseph Whiting celebrating with his lottery cheque

42 year old Joseph Whiting has decided today to to quit his job, and said the win would help him finally learn to drive as well as buy a house with a garden for his family.

He bought three lucky dip tickets at the last minute from his local corner shop.
He won the money in last week's draw but said he avoided telling his workmates until he was 100% sure the win was real.

Rental prices at an all-time high

Private sector rentals are at an all-time high. Credit: Reuters.

A major lettings network has released information showing that average private sector rent rates are at an all-time high.

Rents in the South East recorded a 3.4% year-on-year increase.

The average monthly rent in London now stands at nearly £1,200 after increasing by 3% year-on-year.

Your views: Is £10 a fair price to pay to watch London's New Year fireworks?

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Simon Shaw That is greed. Pure & simple.

Paula Ann Meenan They will be in the sky, so if you live there will you be banned from looking out your window?

Paul Freedman So will they have barriers round all the area where the fireworks are to stop people that haven't paid from getting in? And if they haven't paid will they be banned from looking upwards?

Tears Carpenter Not sure how this will work. Any body with any sense will just look up at the sky and watch it without paying £10 or find a good place to watch it for free unless the fire works are not going up in the sky anymore?

Mark Foster I'm pretty sure you will be able to see them spectacularly from The South Bank and Hungerford bridge... for free.

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