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Newham 'hardest hit' by cuts

. Credit: ITN

People in Newham are the hardest hit by government spending cuts, according to figures released by the Labour Party today.

Spending power in the borough is said to have fallen by an average of £1002 per household. Second worst-off on the list is Hackney, with a £972 fall.

With some wealthy areas seeing much a much smaller loss of spending power, Shadow Communities Secretary Hilary Benn has accused the coalition government of taking the most from those who have least.

Most generous areas of London, Berkshire, Essex and Surrey revealed

The people of Reading, Brentwood, Woking and Watford have all appeared in a list of the UK's most generous towns after donating the most money to charity, according to a study by fundraising website JustGiving.

The data is based on the number of givers and the amount donated in relation to the size of each area's population.

The top 10 'most generous' towns are:

  • 1. Bedford- 41,631 donations and £1,145,967 raised
  • 2. Cambridge - 48,295 donations and £1,440,634 raised.
  • 3. Reading - 58,235 donations and £1,711,566 raised.
  • 4. Brentwood - 21,672 donations and £750,509 raised.
  • 5. Woking - 27,646 donations and £921,165 raised.
  • 6. Aberdeen - 58,307 donations and £1,872,610 raised.
  • 7. Cheltenham - 33,381 donations and £976,995 raised.
  • 8. High Wycombe - 31,658 donations and £1,004,113 raised.
  • 9. Watford - 22,643 donations and £737,375 raised.
  • 10. Bristol - 28,553 donations and £848,674 raised.


Room rents soar in the Capital

Room rents in London have risen more than twice as fast as budgets over the past five years according to new figures from

Renting a room has gone up by a quarter since 2009 Credit: Reuters

They've soared by 26 per cent while the amount tenants can afford to pay has gone up by just ten per cent.

In 2009, an average room set you back £549 per month, now it's £691.


Average London house prices rise to £499,000

House prices in London have continued to rise around twice as quickly as those across the UK, with the capital seeing a 19.3% jump in prices in the 12 months to June.

Today's figures have been released by the ONS Credit: PA

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show the average house price in London is now just shy of half a million pounds, at £499,000.

Record drop in London house prices

London house prices have rocketed in the last year Credit: Reuters

Asking prices for property in London have seen the largest monthly drop across England and Wales. According to website Rightmove, the average figure in the capital is just over 550 thousand pounds - that's almost 6 percent lower than in July. There has, though, been a 20 per cent year-on-year jump in the number of newly-marketed homes.

Consultation for new airport hub ends

Boris Johnson argues an airport hub will increase flight capacity into London Credit: PA

Today is the final day of a consultation regarding building a new hub airport in the Thames estuary. London Mayor Boris Johnson wants to create an artificial island for the project. he says it would increase flight capacity and improve the capital's economy.

London house prices 'to rise by 16% in 2014'

London's house prices are expected to rise 16% in 2014, putting the price of a home in the capital at £466,000, £224,000 more than the average UK home, according to new Cebr forecasts.

A shortage of housing in London coupled with high demand to live in the capital is resulting in a boost to house prices.

London house prices 'to rise by 16% in 2014' Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

New how that a typical house in the UK is expected to cost £242,000 in 2014, rising by 6.9% compared to 2013.

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