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Property millionaires on the up in London

Credit: Heidi Blake/PA Archive/Press Association Images

House prices may have been rising modestly in recent years but a new survey suggest that the amount of homes worth more than a million pounds is at an all time high.

There just under 11,000 streets in Britain with an average property price of more than £1 million, and nearly half are in London.

According to property website Zoopla, 43% are located in the capital, while many of the UK's most expensive towns lie within spitting distance of the M25.

The website also says there are more than half a million property millionaires across the country.

Kensington Palace Gardens is Britain's most expensive street.

If you are planning to set up home there you will need deep pockets as the average home costs more than £42 million.

Virginia Water in Surry is the most expensive town.

The average property there will knock you back £1.2 million.


London Underground: We are ready to negotiate

London Underground have urged the unions to "keep talking" in order to solve the disputes over pay related to the introduction of the Night Tub. In a statement to ITV News London, Steve Griffiths, London Underground's Chief Operating Officer said:

Londoners and businesses overwhelmingly back the Night Tube. It will make life easier for everyone, cut journey times, create jobs and boost the economy.

Most of our staff will not be affected by the new services at all because it affects only five of eleven lines. Some staff will actually work fewer nights than they do now because we have hired 137 more train operators specifically for the Night Tube.

The train staff who will be affected are being asked to work around an additional seven nights each year on average, with no increase in their total current hours. No-one is being asked to work more hours.

In return, we are offering a realistic pay increase this year and next, as well as an additional payment for Night Tube working. We are ready to negotiate, but any increase must be sustainable and fair. I urge the Trade Unions to keep talking to us to achieve a settlement.

– Steve Griffiths

TSSA union Underground workers vote for strike

Underground workers who are part of the TSSA Union have also voted for strike action, as part of an ongoing dispute with London Underground. The news comes just hours after RMT union members also voted to strike.

General Secretary Manuel Cortes said 76% of balloted members voted for strikes, whilst 88% voted for other forms of strike action.

We hope that this result will show Boris Johnson just how angry our members are at his plans to try and rush the start of the night Tube without any detailed agreement on manning levels.

Under plans we have been shown so far, some Zone 3 stations will be left with just one staff member on duty in the middle of the night. That is no way to run a service which prides itself on safety and security.

We want to reach a deal which safeguards both passengers and staff. We will be hoping to reach agreement on that in the coming days.

– Manuel Cortes

Amazon launches one-hour delivery service for London

Amazon has announced it will launch a one-hour delivery service for customers living in central and east London.

Amazon Prime Now will offer high speed delivery on selected items in east and central London. Credit: PA

Amazon Prime subscribers an order goods to their home or office for delivery in the next hour for a £6.99 charge.

London is the fifth city to get the one-hour delivery service, and the first outside the US.

The service is available only to customers in central and east London - north, south and west are not yet included in the service, but there are plans to expand it to reach all of London and more UK cities by the end of the year.

RMT Underground staff vote for strike action

The RMT Union have voted overwhelming for strike action over a number of disputes with Underground bosses over the introduction of the tube running overnight, pay, staffing, safety and use of agency staff. RMT General Secretary Mick Cash:

It is simply outrageous that management, in a mad dash to bulldoze through the night running stunt, have smashed apart long-term agreements and have resorted to trying to bully staff into accepting roster changes at a local level and the message from RMT and our sister unions is clear – we are not having it.

RMT will be co-ordinating campaigning with our sister tube unions as we seek to defend negotiating agreements, decent pay and the rights and working conditions of our members.

– Mick Cash
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