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Marble Arch makeover gets the green light

More than two million pounds will be spent overhauling Marble Arch and Edgware Road.

Businesses and landlords in the area have joined forces for the five-year project, which is aimed at reducing levels of anti-social behaviour in the area.

It also aims to introduce new community services with work due to start at the beginning of April.


West Londoners love shoes and flowers, east Londoners love smartphones and laptops

So what have Londoners been spending their money on this year? According to an online delivery firm it depends where you live, with West Londoners loving shoes and flowers while in the east it's all about smartphones and laptops.

In the South however, it's a whole different story and you might be surprised what the people of Croydon have been spending their money on.

Credit: Henchman

Shoppers warned over hoverboard risk

Hoverboard warning issued Credit: Daniel Petkov

Shoppers are being urged to think again about buying hoverboards this Christmas in case they pose a fire risk.

The Local Government Association has issued a plea to consumers after several cases of the self-balancing devices caused "major" fires.

The organisation claims more than 80% of 38,000 hoverboards stopped from entering the UK by Trading Standards since October were unsafe.

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