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Boris to address Tory conference

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson addresses a rally of Conservative supporters . Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire.

Boris Johnson is due to address the Conservative party at its annual conference in Birmingham today.

The London Mayor arrived at the event yesterday.

Speaking at a rally, he said Ukip should throw its weight behind the Tories to help defeat Labour.

Rivals won't commit to giving mayor new tax powers

The two men hoping to be the next Prime Minister appear to be lukewarm about giving London’s mayor new powers to raise taxes.

The Prime Minister said today he was open to the idea but then suggested he was happy with the current system of council tax funding.

Labour leader Ed Miliband promised last week to look at devolving further powers but added his Shadow Chancellor ‘might have something to say about that.’

Boris Johnson has called on the government to allow the mayor to claim the proceeds of property taxes like Stamp Duty.

Johnson believes City Hall should have a greater say over how money raised from London taxpayers is spent.

His demand is echoed by some of the Labour MPs hoping to be their party’s mayoral candidate in 2016.

David Cameron told ITV News today he was not against letting the mayor levy taxes, but has yet to be convinced.

‘I’m open to suggestions, I think the London mayor model is working well. We have given extra powers but I’m always open to arguments and discussions.

‘At the moment, the system of having the council tax, a precept on the council tax, that seems to me to be appropriate and I don’t see the need for any more.’

David Cameron and Ed Miliband might disagree on many things, but both party leaders seem to agree when it comes to letting London have more control over the purse strings!


Twitter troll jailed for bombarding MP with abusive messages

A Twitter troll has been jailed after bombarding a Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy with abusive messages.

Labour MP Stella Creasy Credit: PA

33-year-old Peter from Bristol tweeted posts threatening to rape Stella Creasy and also branded her a "witch".

Peter Nunn Credit: PA

Nunn launched his campaign last summer after the politician supported a successful campaign to put Jane Austen on the £10 note.

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