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Your views: Is £10 a fair price to pay to watch London's New Year fireworks?

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Simon Shaw That is greed. Pure & simple.

Paula Ann Meenan They will be in the sky, so if you live there will you be banned from looking out your window?

Paul Freedman So will they have barriers round all the area where the fireworks are to stop people that haven't paid from getting in? And if they haven't paid will they be banned from looking upwards?

Tears Carpenter Not sure how this will work. Any body with any sense will just look up at the sky and watch it without paying £10 or find a good place to watch it for free unless the fire works are not going up in the sky anymore?

Mark Foster I'm pretty sure you will be able to see them spectacularly from The South Bank and Hungerford bridge... for free.

Thousands at Trafalgar Square rally

Thousand of people turned out for a hastily organised rally in central London to urge Scottish voters to stay in the UK.

TV historian Dan Snow who organised the event was joined by activist Bob Geldof and comedians Eddie Izzard and Al Murray to give passionate speeches about the union, with just days to go until Scotland decides on independence.

The speakers were cheered along by crowds at a bursting Trafalgar Square which was awash with Union flags.

Snow, whose referendum campaign Let's Stay Together has drawn endorsements from dozens of high profile figures, said the rally was to show Scotland "that England cares".


Council releases new pictures of explosion in Piccadilly

New footage has been released by Westminster City Council of an explosion from an underground chamber in Piccadilly earlier this summer.

The pictures show flames erupting from the pavement, moments after a white van driver reversed away from the spot.

Westminster City Council is holding a meeting this evening with Ofgem and UK Power Networks to discuss the cause of the explosion.

Boris Johnson chosen as Uxbridge conservative candidate

Boris Johnson took a vital step tonight along his road to a return to Parliament. The Mayor of London has just been chosen as the official conservative candidate in Uxbridge, west of London, for the general election next May .

Boris Johnson selected as Uxbridge candidate Credit: PA

The London Mayor won on the first ballot and says he is 'obviously thrilled' that the Uxbridge and South Ruislip Conservative Association has chosen him as Tory candidate. He was one of four candidates tonight and faced a series of questions on local issues before his selection was announced just after 10pm.

He has said the next stage will be a 'tough fight' and a 'long fight' and that he plans to remain as Mayor of London until the end of his second term in May 2016.

'Super sewer' impact on water bills to be minimised

If the tunnel had been in operation last year, it would have captured 97% of the sewage that poured in to London’s river. Hardly a week goes by when untreated sewage is pouring in to London’s river and we are pleased that we can now start to tackle this archaic problem. This is a huge project but it’s a huge problem, and we can now get on with tackling it. It’s no easy task, but we’re confident that we can deliver this project and still achieve our aim of minimising the impact on our customer bills.

– Andy Mitchell, chief executive of Thames Tideway Tunnel
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