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London protest against ISIS

A protest will be held in Trafalgar Square this afternoon in support of the Kurdish democrats who are spearheading the fight against ISIS fascism in the city of Kobane, north Syria.

The London rally is organised by Peace in Kurdistan and the Kurdish People's Assembly, with the support of the Kurdish Cultural Centre.

Rallies will take place today across the world.


Your views: Should traffic lights be switched off at night?

The Tories claim drivers waste 2,251 hours every night waiting unnecessarily at lights when there is little traffic to control. Should they be switched off? Or would it put lives at risk? Get involved on our Facebook page, or tweet us @itvlondon.

Nomes Singh What a stupid idea. People in London don't even follow the speed limit at night! It would do nothing but put peoples lives at risk.

John D Jones Traffic lights are there for a reason and not for prettiness at night. This proposal is damn right dangerous and the London assembly Tories need to be stopped from doing this and putting our lives in danger.

Theresa Kemp When traffic lights go down temporarily people seem to get on just fine in London. I say do it.


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Decision to free police killer a 'disgrace'

A man who was at the scene of the murder of three unarmed policemen has told ITV News it is a "disgrace" that one of the men responsible for their murders is being released from prison.

Glen Hazell speaking to ITV News' Emma Murphy. Credit: ITV News

Glen Hazell, who was 11, was playing with friends in Shepherd's Bush when Harry Roberts and two associates opened fire on the officers in 1966.

The Parole Board today announced that Roberts, who was handed a life sentence, will be released after serving 48 years, a decision that has sparked fury among police groups.

"I don't think he should be allowed anywhere near the's a disgrace," he told ITV News Senior Correspondent Emma Murphy.

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Roberts opened fire on unarmed officers in 'heinous crime'

Harry Roberts opened fire on three unarmed police officers after they pulled over his van ahead of an armed robbery near Wormwood Scrubs Prison in 1966.

The three London police officers shot and killed: PC Geoffrey Roger Fox, Detective Constable David Stanley Bertram Wombwell and Detective Sargent Christopher Tippet Head. Credit: PA Wire

The murders of PC Geoffrey Roger Fox, 41, Detective Constable David Stanley Bertram Wombwell, 30, and Detective Sargent Christopher Tippet Head, 25 shocked the nation.

Roberts went on the the run for more than 90 days and was eventually found in Hertfordshire following a huge manhunt.

The judge who jailed Roberts described it was "the most heinous crime for a generation or more", and warned that he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

But Roberts, now 78, could be released within days after approval by the Parole Board.

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