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Tories: TfL 'fare 'freeze' - no benefit for travelcard holders

Tories: TfL 'fare 'freeze' - no benefit for travelcard holders. Credit: PA

A Conservative London Assembly member says there is no benefit to Londoners in the Mayor's announcement of a "fare freeze" saying Sadiq Khan is "signing-off of plans spells uncertainty for the transport network".

So the Mayor’s ‘fares freeze’ is now official – ‘officially’ leaving TfL with a £640million black hole in its budget, ‘officially’ slashing investment in London’s transport network and ‘officially’ providing no benefit whatsoever to hundreds of thousands of travelcard holders who do not qualify.

Sadiq Khan has so far been unable to provide any answers as to how he intends to cover the cost of this vane gesture, making his pledge meaningless.

Some Londoners may well avoid a small increase in their travel costs in the short term, but in the long term all of us will pay for this disastrous policy.

– Conservative London Assembly member Keith Prince


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