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Turnout of 77.6% in Labour leadership election

The result of the Labour leadership election will be revealed this morning.

The election of the Labour party's new leader saw a turnout of 77.6%.

With an electorate of around 660,000 members, union affiliates and registered supporters, this suggests that more than half a million people have cast their vote.

It makes it all but certain that Mr Corbyn will increase his overall tally of votes from the 251,417 figure he achieved in 2015, when 422,871 (76.3%) of the 554,272 eligible voters took part.

Expectations are high in Liverpool that he will also improve his 59.5% share of vote from 2015, when the vote was split between four candidates rather than two.

The result of the contest between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith will be announced shortly before noon.



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