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Three London hospitals at forefront of genome project

Three London hospitals are at the forefront of genetic research as NHS England launches its 100,000 genomes project.

Three London hospitals at forefront of genome project. Credit: Reuters

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust have each been chosen as one of the 11 lead centres in England to help deliver the 100,000 Genomes Project.

It will see doctors sequence genomes from people with rare conditions and cancers and use that info to better diagnose diseases, personalise their treatments and carry out scientific research into better understanding genetic disease. It's the largest ever clinical application of genomic medicine in the world.


A new app will let you order taxi through your beer mat

A London tech firm is working with taxi giant Uber to create digital beer mats that will let you order a taxi without leaving your seat. Tamoco are usuing 'proximity technology' that allows messages to be sent to mobiles via beacons. Tapping your phone on your beer mat to open the Uber app. The company now has digital beer mats in more than 100 pubs and bars across London.

"Devices which use near-field communication technology are growing in popularity across bars and shops. It's fun for consumers and interesting for brands as people can interact with things in a natural way, without having to do anything out of the ordinary. "The ability to get instant messages with vouchers is a neat way to engage people and there's obviously an important safety aspect of swaying people away from driving home after a night at the pub."

– Sam Amrani, founder of Tamoco

London Environment Assembly meets today to discuss London's extreme weather

London's changing climate will mean higher risks of winter floods and summer heatwaves - and the Capital must be ready for it. That's what London's Assembly's Environment Committee will be meeting today at City Hall to discuss. According to studies London will see summer heatwaves, wetter and warmer winters with cold snaps in the coming years. Experts on weather, transport and climate will all gather today to discuss options for London's changing weather.

The meeting will take place on Thursday, 9 October from 10.00am in The Chamber at City Hall (The Queen's Walk, London SE1). Media and members of the public are invited to attend. The meeting can also be viewed via webcast.

Lifesaving partnership inspired by first black bone marrow transplant recipient

A new campaign aims to sign up thousands of black and mixed race bone marrow donors in memory of Daniel De-Gale, the UK's first black bone marrow transplant recipient. After a long struggle to find a match Daniel received a bone marrow transplant from a stranger which was a success. However Daniel sadly died years later at age 21 from an unrelated condition

On the sixth anniversary of his death the collaboration between the African Caribbean Leukemia Trust (the charity set up by Daniel's parents) and the Anthony Nolan Trust blood cancer charity wants to encourage more black donors. Less than 20% of black transplant patients can find a bone marrow match because they usually need to be matched with someone of their own ethnicity.

"Like so many other families, we faced an agonising wait to find a matching donor for Daniel; the odds were stacked against us, as we were told that there were only 550 black people on the Anthony Nolan register at that time, despite years of campaigning. At times we felt helpless, but we realised we could make a huge difference for Daniel and others like him if we addressed the lack of awareness head-on, so we set up the ACLT. The answer to this heart-breaking situation was in our own communities - and they truly did us, and Daniel, proud. "Now we need the next generation of young African-Caribbean people to follow this example and sign up to the Anthony Nolan register today. If you're 16 to 30, you could give people like Daniel a future and end the inequality they face when searching for a donor."

– Beverley De-Gale, Mother to Daniel De-Gale
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