Elderly Care Funding

ITV News have obtained figures showing that NHS Continuing Care funding for the oldest and sickest patients varies between councils.

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  1. Paul Brand

Particular areas more likely to get funding for elderly

NHS Continuing Care funding is available for people who have serious health needs because they’re ill, disabled or have had an accident. Unlike social care funding, it's not means tested, so anyone is entitled to it.

But in London you’re almost 7 times more likely to get it if you live in Barking and Dagenham than if you live in Brent. You’ve got a decent chance in Haringey, Kensington and Chelsea and Redbridge too. But hard luck if you live in Lewisham, Wandsworth and Southwark – not many people there get it.

That inequality is despite government guidelines saying all Primary Care Trusts must follow the same rules when assessing patients for the funding. But London Tonight has found many people never even know they’re entitled to it in the first place, or can’t get an assessment.

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