Digital Switchover

More than a million TV sets risk going blank when the London region goes digital in a week's time, warns Digital UK.

Digital switchover imminent

by Nick Thatcher

In a week's time you could be watching TV and your screen will just go blank. Digital UK is warning that a million homes in the capital still rely on the old analogue signal. The digital switchover happens from Wednesday April 4th 2012. The change is made from a transmitter in Crystal Palace.

TVs "not ready" for switchover in London

Digital UK has warned more than a million TV sets risk going blank when the London region begins the switchover in a week's time.

More than one in ten households still have a television relying on the old signal, amounting to more than a million TVs in the region.

The digital switchover replaces the existing analogue TV signal with a digital signal.

The first analogue channel to go is BBC2 on Wed 4th April; the remaining four, including ITV1, disappear on Wed 18th April.

Deborah Bain, London Manager for Digital UK, told ITV News: "If you're watching one of those [analogue] televisions, you need to do something or you will be left with a blank screen.

"You can convert your television with a digital box, satellite or cable services.

"It is really important if you already have Freeview you do a full retune on the 4th of April and then again on the 18th of April."