Today's Mayoral Campaigning

Candidates standing for the London Mayor elections have been out meeting voters today.

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Ken Livingstone hands out 'travel voucher'

Ken Livingstone has been handing out a 'voucher' promising Londoners £1,000 off their tube, bus and rail fares if he wins the mayoral election.

Labour's candidate was on the campaign trail in Uxbridge, where he launched his transport manifesto.

He is promising that the average person will save £1,000 over the next four years under his leadership.

Mr Livingstone said: " I am saying to Londoners – keep hold of this voucher so that you have physical evidence of my promise to cut your fares. The voucher will be available online from today, but will only be valid if I am elected as Mayor on 3 May."

Ken Livingstone says that Londoners will save an average of £1,000 from his fare cuts. Credit: London Tonight
Mr Livingstone says he 'recognises the squeeze Londoners are feeling'. Credit: London Tonight
Mr Livingstone met voters in Uxbridge. Credit: London Tonight

Ken Livingstone campaigns in Uxbridge

Labour's Mayoral Candidate, Ken Livingstone, took his campaign to Uxbridge today, where he launched his transport manifesto.

It includes pledges to:

• Cut fares by 7% which he says will save Londoners on average £1,000 over four years

• Bring suburban rail services into London Overground

• Protect the Freedom Pass from age 60

• Deliver better bus services in the suburbs

• Cut down on delays on the tube

• Introduce a smart parking system to make car parking easier

• Freeze the Congestion Charge for 4 years

• Focus on safer cycling with new green routes in outer London

• Build the case for new transport links including Crossrail 2 and extensions to the Docklands Light Railway and Croydon Tram route.


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