West End Crime Crack-Down

The Metropolitan Police are launching a new initiative to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the West End.

Live updates

Operation Trafalgar begins

Police officers have been highly visible in central London today, as the Metropolitan Police launched a crack-down on crime in the West End.

'Operation Trafalgar' is designed to tackle crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour in the heart of London.

An officer uses special podium to monitor crowds in the West End. Credit: London Tonight
Unlicensed vehicles are stopped by police using automatic number plate recognition equipment. Credit: London Tonight


West End crime statistics

As police launch a new crack-down on crime, London Tonight has gathered statistics on assaults, thefts, robberies and sex offences in central London.

Over the last year, the West End (including areas such as Soho, Covent Garden, Chinatown and Leicester Square) has seen:

  • 2,352 assaults

  • 95 robberies

  • 6,201 thefts from a person

  • 204 sexual offences


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