IPCC: "Poor judgment shown"

The two investigations conducted by the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) have found that 'poor judgement' was shown by senior police personnel , concerning the relationship between the police service and the New of the World.

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Scotland Yard criticised

Senior Scotland Yard Officers were criticised today by the Police Watchdog for showing 'poor judgment' in hiring a former News of the World Executive.

Neil Wallis was appointed as a PR Consultant in October 2009.

Although the IPCC said there was no evidence of Corruption, the report did find that Police Policies were breached.Ria Chatterjee reports.


Statement from the Metropolitan Police Service

The Metropolitan Police have issued a statement in response to today's publication of the IPCC report into the involvement and actions of Assistant Commissioner John Yates in the recruitment process for the daughter of Neil Wallis:

The IPCC carried out an independent investigation into the involvement and actions of Assistant Commissioner John Yates in the recruitment process for the daughter of Neil Wallis and the MPS accepts its findings.

As the IPCC has previously made clear, it found no evidence of misconduct that would justify disciplinary proceedings in relation to allegations about forwarding a CV for the purposes of employment at the MPS.

The report recommends that we review our practices in relation to senior staff who refer friends and relatives to our Human Resources department for appointment, attachment and holiday employment.

The MPS has been the subject of much external scrutiny in recent months and the review recommended by the IPCC will form part of our wider response in taking forward the emerging issues and advice such as that from Elizabeth Filkin and the Leveson Inquiry.

IPCC: 'Policies were breached'

In these investigations, at the heart of the issues affecting public confidence was the question of whether two separate arrangements – both involving a form of employment connected to Neil Wallis – were either corruptly entered into or otherwise breached MPS policies and procedures. “In neither case did we find evidence of corruption, but in both cases we found that policies were breached, and in the case of the former Director of Public Affairs, Dick Fedorcio, that there was a case to answer in relation to misconduct.

– Deborah Glass, IPCC Deputy Chair


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