Bakerloo line problems

Bakerloo line suspended due to 'obstruction' at Embankment.

Still severe delays on Bakerloo line

Our engineers and Emergency Response Unit have been working to repair a section of Bakerloo line tunnel near Embankment and resume full services on the line as swiftly as possible. Services are now running on the entire Bakerloo line, although there are severe delays. We expect to be running a good service on the line tomorrow.

Safety remains our priority and we are confident that the issue has been resolved. The tunnel did not collapse, nor was there any flooding or injuries. We apologise to passengers who faced disruption today."

– Nigel Holness, London Underground’s Operations Director


Twitter reactions to Bakerloo Line suspension


Hideous journey. Packed train. Bakerloo line suspended. Slow moving bus. Can't wait for the Olympics. #TFaiL


Bakerloo line suspended south of Picc Circus. Only one train in area. Sitting in Embankment SB platform. No trains stuck between stations.


Just got rawly Rained on because the bakerloo line was shut #drownedrat

RMT insist it is a 'partial tunnel collapse'

Our reps understand that the suspension of Bakerloo line services is due to a partial tunnel collapse at Embankment that is currently under investigation.

This emergency incident exposes TfL's cavalier attitude to the work of its emergency response unit and exposes once again their willingness to chance their arm on public safety.

– rmt spokesperson


TfL deny 'tunnel collapse'

There is no tunnel collapse. There was a small defect in a tunnel wall, which was hit by a tube train - nobody has been hurt.

Structural engineers are at the scene and they hope to get things moving in a couple of hours.

– TFL spokesperson