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TfL is warning of road changes over the weekend.

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Commuters face London Bridge ban

A view of trains and passengers at London Bridge station in London from the 69th floor of the Shard. Credit: PA

A busy London railway station will be closed to many departing passengers on Monday night due to the Olympics.

A potential clash between commuters leaving London Bridge and Olympic supporters arriving there has led to platforms one to six being exit only between 6pm and 10pm on Monday.

Passengers on services run by the First Capital Connect (FCC) and Southeastern train companies leave from these platforms for destinations including Brighton. Services run by the Southern train company from platforms 8-16 are not affected.

FCC is urging affected passengers to board trains at Blackfriars station, a 16-minute walk away, or nearby City Thameslink station.

Cab drivers' protest

London taxi drivers demonstrate on Tower Bridge on Monday Credit: Stefan Rousseau /PA Wire

London taxi drivers are staging another protest today as part of their campaign against being banned from using Olympic traffic lanes.

The cabbies argue they should be able to use the lanes, which are available only to Olympics officials and athletes.


Boris on Games Lanes

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said

The early indications Iam getting suggest that the Olympic Route Network and the Games Lanes areworking well. Motorists will clearly take some time to adjust to new roadlayouts and the Games Lanes. However, we are making sure that when Gamesvehicle traffic is low, we are opening the Games Lanes to all traffic. Only around a quarter of the lanes are reserved for Games traffic this morningand traffic in central and inner London is down over 13 per cent.

With the Olympic Opening Ceremony now just a couple of days away, London’s transformation into a massive sporting and cultural venue is virtually complete. As a result, at times our roads will be exceptionally busy. Our advice to motorists is clear and they are listening – avoid driving in central London, around the ORN and venues. Check the roadside electronic message boards which will advise if the Games are open to general traffic or not.

– Mayor of London, Boris Johnson


Olympic Lanes

A40 Eastbound at Perivale Credit: Simon Harris

Traffic queuing on the A40 Eastbound at Perivale for the"choke point" at the start of the Olympic Route Network

A40 Eastbound at Perivale Credit: Simon Harris
A40 Eastbound at Perivale Credit: Simon Harris

30 miles of games lanes

30 miles of games lanes came into operation today Credit: PA Wire

Drivers had to contend with Olympic traffic-only routes when 30 miles of games lanes came into operation today.

And those "ordinary" motorists going into the games lanes face fines of £130, while release fees for impounded vehicles could be £200.

The games lanes run alongside existing lanes in London and will be used by authorised "Olympic Family" vehicles.

These include vehicles used by athletes, Olympic officials and VIPs, the lanes came into force at 6am today, with 1,300 vehicles an hour expected to use them.

TfL warns of Olympic road changes

The 30 miles of Games Lanes will come into force on Wednesday morning. Credit: AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis

As the Olympics approaches, Transport for London is warning drivers to expect major changes to the road network from Monday.

Over the weekend, workmen will be installing temporary barriers across Central London and putting in three temporary pedestrian footbridges at Hyde Park Corner.

The official Games Lanes will not be activated until Wednesday but TfL is warning that "by Monday morning, London's road network will look and feel different". Drivers are advised to go to the official website to plan their route.

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