Protest over fare rises

Tens of thousands of rail commuters will have to pay more than £5,000 a year for their season tickets after new rises come into effect in January, a union warned today.

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Campaigners hold banner at Waterloo station

Campaigners held up a huge banner at London's Waterloo station, which read: "Cut rail fares, not rail staff."

They handed out leaflets, in the shape of train tickets, urging passengers to take action against rising fares and cuts to jobs and services.

Mr Crow said passengers were being "ripped off" by the relentless rise in the cost of travelling by rail.

"Train companies get billions of pounds in subsidies from the Government, yet still put fares up."Renationalising the railways would save the taxpayer money."

Mr Crow complained that there were 20 different types of ticket prices, yet more ticket offices were being closed or having their hours reduced.

"It's about time the railways were run for the travelling public, not the bosses."

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