Top-grade A-levels down

The number of A-levels being marked at the top grades in London has dipped this year.

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Drop in high A-level scores

The number of London students getting the highest grades in A-Levels has fallen for the first time in more than 20 years.

Today's exam results show that 28.5 per cent of this year's entries got an "A-star" or an "A".

Last year, it was just over 29 per cent.

The worry is that some students will now miss out on the universities of their choice.

Paul Brand has this report.


University acceptance down 7%

There's been a fall in the number of students already accepted for university places, down 7% this year, compared with 2011.

There are various reasons for this, such as tuition fees - now up to £9,000 a year - putting teenagers off higher education.

So what are the options for students who know that university isn't for them? Liz Wickham has been finding out.

Paul Brand reports on today's A-level results


Off to see students in Hackney get A level results. Good prospects are pricey this year - up to »9000 per yr at uni now


Spoke to couple of students this morn who missed grades and now wonder whether second choice uni is worth the tuition fees #Alevelresults


Applications at Greenwich Uni down 6.5%. But unprecedented no. of v early morning calls at their clearing centre today #Alevelresults