Surrey woman named by police

A Surrey woman whose body was found in a river alongside that of her partner has been named by Norfolk Police.

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Norfolk Broads body named as Annette Creegan from Surrey

Police have named the woman whose body was found in a river in the Norfolk Broads, alongside that of her partner.

She was Annette Creegan, who was 49 and from Mitcham in Surrey.

It is believed she was strangled by her partner, named locally as John Didier.

He then took his own life.

The couple had been holidaying with the woman's 13-year-old daughter on a hired boat.

The girl was found alone but unharmed on board, and is now being cared for by family.

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Police trying to establish how long girl was alone

The formal identification of Mr Didier, an NHS worker with family links to Arkansas in the US, has been complicated by the fact that he is not a UK national.

It is thought it may take at least another day to obtain dental and other records from his home country to aid identification.

Mr Didier died primarily as a result of drowning.

It is thought he committed suicide and might have also used another method, such as an overdose.

The couple, both from Surrey, had been holidaying on the Norfolk Broads with the woman's 13-year-old daughter for about a week and are said to have enjoyed meals at local pubs.

Detectives are working to establish how long the girl was alone on a boat before she was found and the bodies recovered.


Broads body named as Annette Creegan from Surrey

The female victim has been named as Annette Creegan, 49, from Surrey. Credit: PA

Annette Creegan was formally identified by Norfolk Police after her body was found in the River Bure on the Norfolk Broads on Sunday.

Detectives believe she was dead before entering the water, probably as the result of strangulation.

Her partner, named locally as John Didier, died as the result of drowning. His death is not thought to be suspicious.

Police launched a search for the bodies after finding a 13-year-old girl alone on a boat after a hire company alerted police that the vessel had not been returned on time.

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