Former policeman faked records

A former Met Police officer has admitted faking records, which meant that rape cases weren't investigated properly.

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Metropolitan Police statement on Coleman-Farrow case

Commander Peter Spindler from the Metropolitan Police has issued the following statement, after a former officer from the force's Sapphire command (which deals with investigations into rape and sexual assault) admitted falsifying records.

"We expect the highest standard of conduct from our officers, particularly within the Sapphire Command with its clear focus on victim care.

"This individual clearly fell well below those standards and it is therefore only right that he take full responsibility for his failings.

"His dismissal and subsequent criminal conviction sends a clear message to both the public and colleagues that neither the police service nor the courts will tolerate such serious professional failings."

'Complicity or negligence?' Rape charity slams Met over Coleman-Farrow case

The charity Women Against Rape has accused the Metropoltian Police of 'complicity or negligence', after a former officer admitted faking police records and failing to properly investigate complaints of rape and sexual assault.

Ryan Coleman-Farrow, 30, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of misconduct in a public office at Southwark Crown Court today.

The charity said:

"This is a very serious case, because at least 12 victims have been denied justice and at least 11 rapists have received impunity as a direct result of this man’s actions, and they may well have felt emboldened to rape again (or even murder) having got away with it.

"Every single case this specialist officer has been involved in should be reviewed. How long had he been operating in a specialist rape unit? Why wasn’t he stopped sooner? What was the responsibility of his superiors – was it complicity or negligence?

It continued:

We have been saying for years that officers and others within the criminal justice system who are obstructing justice have to be held to account or nothing will change.

"We understand this officer has been doing it since 2007. We hope that when he is sentenced, it will properly reflect the seriousness of the crime."

– Women Against Rape


'Rogue officer' faked rape case records

The Independent Police Complaints Commission said that Coleman-Farrow appeared to be a "rogue officer who set out to deceive".

Deputy Chairwoman Deborah Glass said their investigation did not reveal any systemic or serious supervisory failings, and that the Metropolitan Police had reviewed all cases where he was the officer in charge.

She said:

"While we may never fully understand the motivation for his actions, Mr Coleman-Farrow appears to have been a rogue officer who set out to deceive.

"While dealing with rogue individuals must always be a concern in any system, supervisory systems will not necessarily pick up on an officer who has concocted evidence to cover their tracks."

The Metropolitan Police dismissed Coleman-Farrow in April 2011.

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