Trial of Alleged Gun Supplier

The trial of the man alleged to have supplied a gun to Mark Duggan is underway.

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Police officer: Duggan "was holding gun"

Mark Duggan was shot dead by armed officers in August 2011. Credit: Metropolitan Police

A police officer has said he saw Mark Duggan was holding a gun when he was killed by armed officers in August last year. The officer, known as W70, told a court that Mr Duggan "was holding a self-loading pistol or a handgun" just before he was shot dead in Tottenham.

W70 was giving evidence at the trial of Kevin Hutchinson-Foster who is accused of supplying the gun to Mr Duggan. He said that as Mr Duggan pulled the gun out of his jacket, two shots were fired by police.

The aftermath of the shooting led to protests on the streets of Tottenham which then triggered the London riots. Mr Hutchinson-Foster denies "selling or transferring a prohibited firearm".

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Prosecution wants to know if Duggan's gun ready to be fired

The prosecution wants to know if the gun was ready to fire or not. The police officer sent out with the exhibit is to examine it more closely. He recalled and confirmed the safety catch was off but the gun was not ready to be fired - two hands would be needed to fire it.

Under cross examination the Pc agreed there was "no way the gun was in any condition to be fired straight away".


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Third police officer asked about Duggan's gun

The third police officer said he removed the magazine and that is when he found the casing. He handed the ammunition and the magazine to the ballistics officer. He checked the weapon barrel and chamber for more bullets but did not find any. The evidence was then secured in ballistics bags.

The jury is now looking at evidence bags containing the gun and magazine from the scene. The Pc said the slide of the gun was in the forward position but could not say if it was ready to fire. He said the slide would have to be pulled back to pick up the cartridge and then the trigger pulled.

Under cross examination the Pc agreed you would need two hands to fire the gun. The prosecution wants to know if the gun was ready to fire or not. He is sent out with the exhibit but will be recalled.

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Three Pcs at scene 'made statements together'

The second police officer called to the scene after Duggan's shooting took the stand. He confirmed that an evidence box was put over the gun. He agreed that he collaborated with other officers to "refresh" his memory while making a statement.

He agreed that all three Pcs at the scene went over events together as they made their statements together. Then a third police officer took the stand. He was attached to Specialist Firearms Command at the time. It was his job to "make safe firearms".

This police officer described the gun inside the sock as being torn in at least two places to reveal parts of the weapon. He removed the weapon from the sock and checked it. He said the magazine was in the handle of the gun.

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Officer who arrived at scene after Duggan's death gives evidence

The trial of the man accused of passing a gun to Mark Duggan has resumed. The jury has been hearing evidence from an officer who arrived at the scene after Duggan was shot dead by armed police.

A police officer told the jury when he arrived at the scene in a marked police car Mark Duggan was still being given first aid. The police officer says he had a conversation with one of the officers, who was part of suveillance team.

A different officer known as R31 pointed out the gun to him which was lying on a grass verge wrapped in a black sock. The police officer described how he was given the role of "guarding" the gun, making sure it was not moved and the public did not get near it.


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Evidence against accused starts six days before Duggan shot

The jury has been told that Duggan was killed after a police marksmen stopped a minicab he was in. The death of Duggan on 4th August is regarded as the incident which sparked riots which spread across London.

The evidence against the accused begins six days before Duggan was shot, when the accused had a fight with a man in a barber shop in Dalston. It is alleged the accused got into an argument with a man at the shop. A standoff ended with the accused promising to return.

The jury heard the accused came back one hour later with a gun. In the fight which followed he pistol-whipped the same man causing head injuries.

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Prosecution: Defendant's fingerprints allegedly found on shoebox in which gun kept

The trial has started of a man accused of passing a gun to Mark Duggan before he was shot dead by police last August.

The prosecution says Kevin Hutchinson-Foster's fingerprints were allegedly found on a shoebox in which the gun was kept.

The prosecution also says the accused was a known associate of Mark Duggan's. They have told the jury they will hear evidence from the cab driver who took Mark Duggan to collect the gun and saw the handover of the shoebox.

Duggan shot dead 'as a result of his possession of that gun'

On August 4 last year a handgun was recovered in Ferry Lane in Tottenham, north London. It had been in the possession of a man named Mark Duggan. The gun was loaded - it had a bullet in its magazine.

The evidence demonstrates that that gun at that scene had been passed to Mark Duggan by this defendant, Kevin Hutchinson-Foster, shortly before the minicab in which Mark Duggan was travelling was stopped by police in Ferry Lane in Tottenham Hale.

There in Ferry Lane Mark Duggan was shot and fatally injured by the police as a result of his possession of that gun and what he was thought to be about to do with it.


Kevin Hutchinson-Foster, of no fixed abode, denies passing the BBM Bruni Model 92 handgun to Mr Duggan.

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