Poppy Day: Plan to raise £1m

The Royal British Legion plan to raise a record breaking £1 million pounds in one day with events across the capital today.

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Prince of Wales meets Poppy Appeal volunteers

The Prince of Wales with Poppy Day ambassadors as he meets ambassadors and collectors from the London Poppy Day red bus at Clarence House. Credit: PA

The Prince of Wales was asked if he could be kidnapped and held for ransom as he met Poppy Appeal volunteers and celebrity supporters.

Charles greeted those working to raise money on board the London Poppy Day red bus at Clarence House as part of the campaign to raise £1 million in a single day from donations across the capital.

TV presenter and Poppy Day ambassador Ben Shephard said: "We thought we could try and drive off with him on the bus and launch a ransom to raise more money. But he thought we wouldn't get very far."

Poppy Day push

A series of events has been taking place across the capital, with announcements on the tube by Barbara Windsor, and a spitfire in Covent Garden. The Prince of Wales has also added his support to the campaign


Prince Charles gets on the road for Poppy Day

Prince Charles tries out a motorbike at the launch of Poppy Day Credit: ITN

All aboard! Prince Charles launches a bid to raise a millionpounds in just a day for the Royal British Legion poppy appeal. Two thousandvolunteers across the capital are rattling coins in buckets at tube, bus andrail stations against the clock to collect the record amount.

From London bus conductor to biker, the Prince has done his bit, now he's appealing to all to follow his lead.

The Prince on board the British Legion Routemaster bus Credit: ITN


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