Cows used as lawnmowers

Sutton Council is swapping lawnmowers for grazing cattle to keep rare chalk grasslands in check

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Cows used to keep grass in check in Sutton

The cows are being drafted in to keep the grass in Sutton in check Credit: Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA

It's hoped a scheme to use cows as lawnmowers in Sutton will give wildlife living on the grasslands of Roundshaw Downs extra help by increasing the number of wildflowers and insects and helping to protect ground-nesting birds like skylarks.

The cattle will keep weeds, shrubs and other hardy plants in check.


Cows to cut council costs

Ditching machinery will save the council money by reducing mowing by up to £2000 a year. The cows will be looked after by welfare experts from the Heritage Lottery Funded Old Surrey Downs Project and will live in a secure enclosure, which members of the public and dog walkers will be able to use.

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