Crime crackdown

There has been a zero-tolerance crackdown on crime in east London.

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Crime crackdown in east London

There has been a zero tolerance crackdown on crime in east London. A man who did not have his dog on a lead and another who dropped a matchstick were both targetted.

Police took a no mercy approach to those breaking the law in Newham today.

Operation Ohio is a joint initiative between the Met and Newham Council to crack down on crime.

Marcus Powell went with the team on patrol.


Crackdown on Newham firms not paying minimum wage

Newham Police. Credit: London Tonight

Newham Council and the Metropolitan Police have joined forces to target companies that are breaking the law by not paying the National Minimum Wage.

Labour leader Ed Miliband and London Mayor Boris Johnson called for firms to pay the Living Wage a few days ago.

Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, is backing their call but argues we need to start by fighting the rogue employers who offer only poverty pay.

He wants the law changed so that councils can tackle the issue directly and quickly rather than bringing in third parties later for enforcement.

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