Man jailed for murder after gig

Graphic designer Ashley Charles was jailed for a minimum 14 years at the Old Bailey, after being convicted of murdering telephone executive Phillip Sherriff after a Jessie J gig in London.

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Phillip Sherriff's killer jailed for at least 14 years

Phillip Sherriff's killer was jailed for at least 14 years. His widow is now campaigning for glass bottles to be banned from pubs and clubs.

A judge jailed a graphics designer for a split second of madness in a club, which killed the father-of-two.

Both men had travelled to London for a Jessie J gig. Now one is dead and another is serving a minimum of 14 years.

Ashley Charles attacked Phillip Sherrif with a broken bottle after some jostling at the bar. The judge said the bottle was a lethal weapon and the victim was a decent man.

His widow has begun a campaign to ban glass from bars and clubs, saying she will never let another person like Charles devastate another family. Mel Barham has the full story.

Duncan Penny, prosecuting: 'It happened very, very quickly'

Duncan Penny, prosecuting, told the trial Charles had been trying to get free beer at the bar at the promotional event organised by BlackBerry, the company Mr Sherriff worked for.

CCTV showed Charles grabbing the bottle and plunging it into Mr Sherriff's neck.

It happened very, very quickly indeed - perhaps one second, one second to take a life.

– Duncan Penny, prosecuting

Mr Sherriff began to bleed profusely as vital blood vessels had been cut.

Mr Penny said the clash came about just after midnight after Jessie J and other performers had left.

As people tried to help Mr Sherriff, Charles was detained by security staff.


Mrs Sherriff's campaign to ban glass bottles and glasses from bars and club

Mr Sherriff's wife Jane said in a statement to the court she had launched a campaign to ban glass bottles and glasses from bars and clubs.

Addressing Charles, she said:

I will never let another person like you devastate another family. Your actions have devastated so many people's lives.

Mrs Sherriff said organ donations from her husband saved three other lives, but the lives of her family, including her two young daughters, had been ruined by Mr Sherriff's killing.


Charles acted 'in a split second of madness'

This is a tragic case. Mr Sherriff may have pushed you in a crowded bar and made inoffensive remarks to a girl talking to you.

You clearly became annoyed at what you perceived was the conduct of Mr Sherriff and lost your temper when he may have pushed against you at the bar.

– Judge Worsley told Ashley Charles

Charles took a beer bottle from Mr Sherriff's hand and swung it behind him, where it broke, and then plunged it into Mr Sherriff's neck.

It was a lethal weapon. He was a decent man.

– Judge Worsley

The judge said Charles had done something "which was truly out of character".

You did not deliberately smash the bottle you used. I am satisfied you did not intend to kill Mr Sherriff and you were immediately remorseful.

– Judge Worsley told Ashley Charles

Andrew Hall QC, for Charles, said he acted "in a split second of madness".

Man jailed for Jessie J gig murder

Jessie J at the 2012 GQ Men Of The Year Awards at the Royal Opera House, Bow Street, London. Credit: PA

A graphic designer was jailed for a minimum of 14 years today for killing a telephone executive with a broken bottle after a Jessie J gig.

Ashley Charles, 26, was found guilty of murdering Phillip Sherriff, 37, and jailed for life at the Old Bailey.

Mr Sherriff died in April four days after being attacked at Pulse nightclub in central London, shortly after the singer had performed.

Charles, of Nevanthon Road, Leicester, denied the charge, claiming he acted in self-defence.

But Judge Paul Worsley said Charles killed Mr Sherriff, of Preston, Lancs, because he was annoyed.

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