Abu Qatada released

Terror suspect Abu Qatada is to be released from prison after winning his appeal against deportation to Jordan at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission.

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Tory MP Peter Bone: 'Put this terrorist on a plane and send him home'

Conservative MP Peter Bone told ITV's Daybreak that the interests of the public should be put before the European Court.

Enough is enough - put this terrorist on a plane and send him home and worry about the European Court afterwards.

There are times when we need to put the public interest in front of the European Court and this is one of them.

The highest court in this land, our Supreme Court, has said he can go back. Now, if the highest court in this land says he can go back, then he can go back.

We should not be kow-towing to this 'Mickey Mouse' European court.

The Supreme Court should be the ultimate court.

– Conservative MP Peter Bone

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Keith Vaz: 'A very dangerous man is now put on bail'

The home affairs committee chairman Keith Vaz told BBC News the case had cost taxpayers £1million.

At the moment, it looks pretty farcical that a very dangerous man is now put on bail having gone through the court system for seven years and having cost the taxpayer £1m.

What we need to do is study the judgment carefully and to try to persuade the Jordanians to do the only thing that the courts wanted them to which is to strengthen the Jordanian criminal code.

– The home affairs committee chairman Keith Vaz

Abu Qatada released on bail

London-based terror suspect Abu Qatada has won his appeal against extradition to Jordan and he will be released on bail on November 13th.

The radical cleric was convicted of terror charges in his absence in Jordan in 1999.

Since then the Government has tried to deport him.

The Home Secretary has said that the Government will appeal this latest decision.

Toby Sadler has the full story.

May condemned ruling to release Qatada on bail

The Home Secretary made a statement to the House of Commons strongly condemning the ruling of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) to release terror suspect Abu Qatada on bail.

Theresa May said the Government "strongly disagrees" with the decision and will appeal:

I hardly need to tell the house that the government strongly disagrees with this ruling. Qatada a dangerous man, a suspected terrorist, who is accused of serious crimes in his home country of Jordan.

– Home Secretary Theresa May

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Worrying judgement on Qatada 'goes against assurances'

This is an extremely serious and worrying judgement which completely contradicts Theresa May's repeated assurances that she had the right legal strategy to get Abu Qatada deported to Jordan.

According to security experts, the Home Secretary and the courts this is an extremely dangerous man, and we all want him to be deported to stand fair trial abroad as soon as possible and to be held in custody in the meantime.

Yet it now appears we face the prospect of Abu Qatada walking the streets of London and remaining at liberty in this country instead. The Home Secretary is right to appeal against this worrying judgement as every avenue to secure his deportation must be pursued.


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Home Office: 'We will apply to appeal today's decision'

A Home Office spokesman said the Government will apply to appeal against the decision.

The Government strongly disagrees with this ruling. We have obtained assurances not just in relation to the treatment of Qatada himself, but about the quality of the legal processes that would be followed throughout his trial.

Indeed, today's ruling found that 'the Jordanian judiciary, like their executive counterparts, are determined to ensure that the appellant will receive, and be seen to receive, a fair retrial'.

We will therefore seek leave to appeal today's decision.

– Home Office spokesman

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