Heathrow capacity 'costs' £14bn

The UK economy is losing up to £14 billion a year in lost trade because of a lack of capacity at Heathrow, according to a new report published by the airport.

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Boris: 'Country needs a strong hub airport'

The Mayor agrees with the authors of this report that London and the country need a strong hub airport, capable of meeting our need for international connectivity now and well into the future.

It is the only way to preserve hundreds of thousands of jobs, but it cannot be at Heathrow as the site is too constrained and the effects on the lives of west Londoners would be devastating.

Even with a new hub airport to the east of the capital Heathrow will not need to close. It will not be our main hub but it will have a bright future as a smaller airport serving the local needs of its catchment area, for both passenger traffic and freight.

A much bigger threat to the economy of west London is the gradual loss of our hub airport capacity to continental rivals as a result of the continuing delay in progressing the new hub airport we need.

– A spokesperson for the Mayor of London
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