London 2012 'most sustainable'

The London Olympics have been named the most sustainable Games ever by an independent watchdog.

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Report highlights areas in which London 2012 was 'sustainable'

The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 found that the transport system during the Games delivered an excellent service and said London 2012 should be praised for being the first Games to offer a fully comprehensive mobility service.

It also found that comprehensive public transport options and effective planning meant that the logistical operation for the Games was delivered with minimal disruption to Londoners.

It came to the conclusion that another Games success story was the food, with a wide variety of healthy, sustainably sourced, affordable meals available at most London 2012 venues, driven by the development of the London 2012 Food Vision - a first for major event catering.

London 2012 'has raised the bar on sustainability'

The Chairman of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 has heaped warm praise on the London Games.

Shaun McCarthy said:

"I have no hesitation in confirming that London 2012 has delivered the most sustainable Games ever, and we congratulate the delivery bodies and all those who contributed to this excellent achievement.

"But we mustn't rest on our laurels - more could be achieved if London's lessons, both the good and the challenging, are heeded by others.

"London 2012 has raised the bar on sustainability, not just for future Olympic and Paralympic Games but for industry, and for the organisers of major events the world over - from music festivals to football World Cups. By being open to learning from these successes as well as the missed opportunities, future major projects could even outperform London 2012's sustainability achievements.

"The UK is hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2014, the Rugby World Cup in 2015, and the Olympic Stadium is hosting the World Athletics Championships in 2017 - what better way to deliver the legacy than by embedding leading sustainability practice in these events?

"I call on the organisers to pick up the sustainability baton and carry it forward, demonstrating to the UK public that we can rely on them to meet the spirit of London's sustainability achievements."

– CSL2012 chairman Shaun McCarthy


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