Tube fire anniversary

The 25th anniversary of a devastating fire at Kings Cross station will be marked today

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Protest at tube station fire anniversary

Wreaths were laid inside Kings Cross station today, marking the 25th anniversary of the devastating fire which took 31 lives in 1987. Outside RMT members protested against planned cuts to the Underground.

They claimed that proposed changes including a reduction in staffing levels could make the capital's tube network unsafe again. Transport for London has hit back, saying protesters have hijacked a poignant day to make a political point. Toby Sadler reports.


Safety 'still an issue' at Kings Cross

''Due to a culture of complacency and systemic failure, 31 people lost their lives at King's Cross''

''We are marking the event with a public demonstration to send out the message that never again must the London Underground be dragged back to the same catalogue of complacency and failures which led us to King's Cross''

– RMT general secretary Bob Crow

Bob Crowe is calling on mayor Boris Johnson "to end once and for all the threatened cuts to station and platform staffing levels, the cuts to maintenance schedules and the persistent threat to bring in driverless trains".

More than 100 people were taken to hospital after the King's Cross fire

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