Spurs fans attacked in Rome

Spurs fans attacked in Rome ahead of match against Lazio.

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Rome pub owner says around 30 Spurs fans attacked

Drunken Ship pub in Rome. Credit: Eurovision

According to Marco Manzi, the owner of the Drunken Ship pub in Rome's Campo Dei Fiori piazza, there was some 30 Tottenham fans, mostly over 40, drinking very calmly in the pub when a group of young men with their heads covered burst in throwing cobblestones, waving clubs and metal rods.

The young men viciously attacked the Tottenham fans in a fight that the owner said lasted roughly 20 minutes.

The injured Tottenham fans are now in the hospital and police say they are holding several Italians.

The Drunken Ship pub has been completely destroyed.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports scenes of 'urban warfare'

English football fans have been attacked in Italy by knife-wielding Ultras, leaving two seriously injured in hospital, according to reports.

Trouble flared ahead of tonight's Europa League game between Tottenham Hotspur and Lazio in Rome.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported scenes of "urban warfare" erupting shortly after 1am in the Campo de Fiori with up to 100 "Ultras" - notorious troublemakers - attacking a band of Spurs fans.

Ten were left wounded with two stabbed, one of whom was believed to be critically ill.

The violence is believed to have occurred at the Drunken Ship pub as fans of the London club were enjoying a drink.

Photographs show the pub wrecked.

The newspaper reported the Lazio fans were armed with knives, baseball bats, belts and knuckle dusters and they went on to "destroy" the venue.


Spurs fan attacked in Rome ahead of match against Lazio

A Tottenham Hotspur supporter has been seriously injured and nine other fans hurt in an attack as they celebrated in Rome ahead of the Europa League match against Serie A side Lazio.

Police said the 10 - nine British and one American - were attacked outside a pub near the centre of Rome by a group of masked assailants.

One suffered injuries to an artery and is in a serious condition.

A police spokesman declined to identify the attackers but said a number of Italians who were involved in the fight had been detained.

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