Riot convictions overturned

Two men jailed for robbing a Malaysian man while pretending to help him during last year's riots have had their convictions quashed. John Kafunda and Reece Donovan's convictions were judged to be unsafe and have been overturned.

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Riot convictions overturned: CPS statement

“Victims and witnesses are at the heart of the Criminal Justice System and it is important that they have the support necessary to enable them to give their best evidence at court. Where it is necessary to protect the identification of a witness we can in certain circumstances apply to the court for witness anonymity.

Our application for witness anonymity for two witnesses in this trial was allowed by the Judge. Without anonymity being given these witnesses would not have given evidence. The Court of Appeal has quashed these convictions as a result of allowing this application. We are not seeking a retrial as the evidence now available without the ability to call these witnesses is not sufficient to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.”

– Criminal Prosecution Service spokesperson


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