Decade of inflation-busting fares

It's been revealed that Londoners will face a decade of inflation-busting fare-increases, as Transport for London unveils its 10 year business plan.

10 years plan from Transport for London

The promise is better roads, tubes and cycling routes. The price is ten years of fare increases.

Transport for London confirmed today it wants to raise fares, above inflation, for a decade, and for the first time, in writing, set out plans for trains that don't need drivers.

Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy insists that doesn't mean the trains will be un-manned, but the move is likely to spark protests from unions opposed to driver-less trains.

The decision to double spending on London's road network is also proving controversial. Isabel Dedring, the Deputy Mayor for Transport, says that they have to invest in the roads to encourage more people to use buses and bicycles.

But Labour's Val Shawcross, who sits on the London Assembly says that "public transport passengers are being robbed in order to pay for roadworks for the next decade".

London Tonight spoke to the General Secretary of the RMT union, Bob Crow and the Commissioner for Transport for London, Peter Hendy.


Contact-less payments for bus fares

Our Political Correspondent Simon Harris tweets on Transport for London's 10 year business plan.


TfL also announced bus passengers will be able to use contact-less debit and credit cards from the end of the year. @londontonight


Debit/credit cards can be used to buy a cash fare at Oyster prices but without the daily cap. @londontonight


City Hall claims road improvements will boost growth in East London and tackle congestion blackspots in London suburbs. @londontonight

More from our Political Correspondent on TfL 10 year plan


City Hall argues road improvements are vital to make life better for cyclists and bus passengers. @londontonight


TfL believes smart traffic lights can increase road capacity by 12%.@londontonight

Labour: transport plan lacks 'big idea'

ITV London Political Correspondent Simon Harris says that the Labour Party has criticised Boris Johnson's 10 year transport plan for lacking a "big idea".


Labour claims public transport-using Londoners will bankroll road improvements through fare rises. @londontonight


Labour also attacked the plan for lacking a "big idea". The previous 10-year plan included Crossrail. @londontonight


Boris: investment in transport will stimulate economy

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said the 10 year transport plan would boost the capital's economy.

"As sure as night follows day investment in transport drives economic activity and investment in the capital benefits the entire country.

"In this Business Plan we are setting out a comprehensive programme of improvements with the aims of providing both hugely better services for Londoners and also to drive the economic motor of this great city and encourage new development."

– Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

Our Political Correspondent tweets on TfL's 10 year plan


Road improvements include developing smart traffic lights which can detect pedestrians and cyclists. @londontonight


The first driverless trains will be on the Piccadilly Line, followed by the Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City. @londontonight

Londoners to face decade of inflation-busting fare rises

Transport for London has outlined its draft business plan for the next ten years.

Our Political Correspondent Simon Harris picks out some of the headline announcements.


Londoners face a decade of inflation-busting fare rises, roadworks and a promise of driverless trains in TfL's business plan. @londontonight

London roads to get funding boost

Transport for London unveils its business plan today. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A major investment in London roads is expected to be announced today when Transport for London unveils its business plan.

Funding is expected to be focused on some of the capital's busiest intersections, like Kings Cross and the Hammersmith Flyover.