Bexleyheath stabbings trial

Nicola Edgington has been found guilty of the murder of grandmother Sally Hodkin and the attempted murder of another woman, Kerry Clark in a knife attacks in Bexleyheath in 2011.

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Woman found guilty of Bexleyheath murder

Questions are being asked after a woman, who had been detained for the 2005 manslaughter of her own mother, was let free and went on to kill a stranger in the street.

Nicola Edgington was today found guilty of murdering grandmother Sally Hodkin with a knife in Bexleyheath in October 2011 as well as attempting to murder another woman, Kerry Clark.

But hours before the attacks, Edgington had phoned emergency services from a Woolwich hospital and warned them she was dangerous. Ronke Phillips reports.


Edgington left hospital hours before murdering innocent stranger

In the early hours of October 10, 2011, the day of the killing, police were called when she told cab office employees that she needed to be sectioned.She was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where officers helped her book in at reception at around 4.30am.

But as they left, Edgington told them she did not feel safe there. She made a series of phone calls and later 999 calls.

In one call, she said: "I'm a very dangerous schizophrenic. If you don't come and help me I'm going end up hurting someone."

Edgington was accepted to the hospital's onsite psychiatric unit Oxleas House, but was not taken there until 6.30am.

But just after 7am, Edgington said she was going to call her care co-ordinator and left. Staff called police.

Edgington calmly took two buses to Bexleyheath, south east London, and bought a large knife from an Asda supermarket, before she attacked her two victims.


Court hears details of knife attacks

The Old Bailey heard today how Two women going to work were attacked by a knife-wielding woman in Bexleyheath, East London.

Kerry Clark, 22, managed to fight Nicola Edgington off but Sally Hodkin, 58, died when her neck was cut with a large butcher's knife.

Nicola Edgington is standing trial accused of two knife attacks. Credit: Sussex Police.

Edgington was being cared for in the community and was being monitored by a psychiatrist, nurse and social worker at the time.

Her condition had deteriorated after she stopped taking her medication, the court heard.

They were then told how hours earlier, she had gone to a hospital - but walked out before she could be admitted as a voluntary inpatient.

Edgington, 32, of Greenwich, south east London, denies murdering law firm accounts manager Mrs Hodkin in Bexleyheath, south east London, in October 2011.

She also denies the attempted murder of Miss Clark, who is now 24.

Mark Heywood QC, prosecuting, said: "She approached and deliberately and viciously attacked each of them without warning, without any provocation.

"She used the weapon forcefully and purposefully in each attack. She was controlled and she was rational."

Prosecution argue Nicola Edgington in sane mind when attacks were carried out

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