Celebs on the tube

This week marks 150 years since the first tube journey, so we're looking at some of the famous faces who've been spotted on the Underground.

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Celebs on the Tube #4

Tony Blair apologises to a fellow passenger as he is photographed on the Tube Credit: ITV News

In 1999, Tony Blair was filmed taking a trip on the Tube. Laughing, he apologised to a fellow passenger about the disruption, as he was snapped by photographers.

In the good old-fashioned style of Tube passengers throughout the ages, she ignored him.

The former Prime Minister's fellow passenger ignored him as he was snapped by photographers Credit: ITV News


Celebs on the tube #2

Rihanna was spotted by fans on the underground on the way to a gig at the o2 Credit: Lisa-Marie O'Keeffe

In October 2011, commuter Lisa-Marie O'Keeffe was excited to spot a familiar face on the Tube. Rihanna was on her way to a gig at the o2. She said the star was telling excited fans to "hold on tight" and was "being very motherly".

Rihanna was snapped having fun on the Tube but telling fans to "hold on tight" Credit: Adrienne Amado

Another commuter, Adrienne Amando, said Rihanna was with her minders and manager, saying "she was so gracious and so humble and so lovely, it was wonderful"

Celebs on the tube #1

Sanyogita Mayer couldn't believe it was really the PM when she spoke to him on the tube in October 2011 Credit: Sanyogita Mayer

Sanyogita Mayer, 27, was travelling on the tube with her husband Yanko and their daughter 16-week-old Sayama in October 2011.

The family were travelling on the Eastbound Jubilee line train at about 11am when David Cameron got on at Westminister and complimented Sanyogita on her beautiful baby.

Sanyogita had no idea who he was and said to her husband in front of Cameron: 'Who is this man telling me my baby is beautiful?'

Yanko told her he was the Prime Minister.

Sanyogita thought it was a joke and asked Cameron who he really was. He insisted that he was indeed the PM.

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